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Blackjack Tips and Rules - Article List

Blackjack basic rules introduced1. To card (Hit)Players need to wager placed on the table then, making the start licensing, cross-licensing the dealer after the first player for the first time license per two to each player is dealt two cards, dealt …… [Read more]

Blackjack is a civilized gambling game that should pay attention to etiquette. 1. Waiting at the table or asking Possibly, the card counter calculates that the good cards are playing big, and it is impolite to open the door for $10 and cause $3,000. …… [Read more]

Players use card counting technique analysis Blackjack Shuffling information to find out before betting opportunities in the long term card counting advantage over the dealer who is from 0.5 to 1.5%, short-term advantage is not very significant. To c …… [Read more]

Some time ago I'm feeling relatively smooth possible, beginning yesterday and today the wind has changed, continuously three wipe off, and are playing bj, but fortunately not too much loss, $ 250 today decided to rest at the point where the code …… [Read more]

We play Blackjack, Often heard said professional gambler card counting method can be used to win Casino Whether card counting method if difficult to learn? And probably the principle of card counting method is what?The original mathematical statistic …… [Read more]

everybody knows,Blackjack Inside, making the points less than 17 points must hand.We thought about it? 16:00 when you would go to brand it? I did a lot of testing, if 17 points or less must be licensed, then the rate of violence is about 30 percent, …… [Read more]

Al employ card counting off, there is one that is willing. Wu Sidun (Ken.Uston), the big players he published in 1977 (The Big Player), a book, in spite of Al and other members of the upset, revealed the secret to the world. 乌斯顿 book was published Th …… [Read more]

Thorpe and Manny Kimmel, a wealthy professional gambler and illegal horse betting industry, with $ 10,000 as a bookie joint venture began their research. First they visited Renault with Lake Tahoe's Blackjack Tables, beginning experiments Thorpe …… [Read more]

Lawrenceville by classical masterpiece "Blackjack Cause "(Playing Blackjack as a Business) to gain a foothold in the Blackjack Hall of Fame. He was also the top blackjack players, but had worked as a blackjack tables across the player manag …… [Read more]

Julian Braun (Julian Braun) in Blackjack Fame is particularly unexpected, with respect to the storms of card counting expert, Julian is a very quiet and even very low key person all his life served as programmer at IBM.Julian hardly involved Casino H …… [Read more]

Tommy. Hyland was born in 1956 in New Jersey (New Jersey), from the famous Casino Atlantic City (Atlantic City) is only 50 miles, his 10-year-old began Gambling─ coin toss against the walls, the walls of the closer who has won all the coins. High sch …… [Read more]

Taff is a very talented electronic engineering experts, the time for more than 30 years, specializes in how to use high technology to crack the system with a variety of DB Casino,especially Blackjackʱ??In the 1970s, he developed the first Taff can cr …… [Read more]

James Ross Seghers Blackjack He began his career at the Chicago Institute of Economic Research, and once, a careless dealer so that he can see the cards, he used mathematical analysis techniques out how to take advantage of this loophole to get the m …… [Read more]

Zhang John (Johnny Chang) was the longest in the world-famous MIT team manager tenure, MIT Blackjack Team of brilliant achievements not only be written a best-selling book "Brining down the House: win over Las Vegas", but to the big screen, …… [Read more]

1956 Previously,Blackjack The basic strategy is speculation and experience guess.This year is also the "Four Horsemen" ─ Roger Baldwin (Roger Baldwin), Weibaikenti (Wilbert Cantey), Herb thmei Sergio (Herbert Maisel) and James McDermott (Ja …… [Read more]

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