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Gambling terminology and betting rules - Article List

Many play gambling friends have good success. These people usually do not play gains make some friends antsy, With gambling around the corner I thought this was added inside the camp. I'm here to tell these friends, first in no hurry , just start …… [Read more]

Around the world, many places, gambling is a legitimate industry. The betting industry, which, when faced with foreign tourists are generally used international common language, English. So, like play betting players can seriously He said about forei …… [Read more]

More and more gambling players choose to play blackjack at online casinos, the following blackjack common term network some explanation:Black Jack (BLACKJACK): hand within two cards total points are added up (eg A card and a flower cards or 10 cards) …… [Read more]

1 winner: the last round to win users, you can get the upper hand cards.2, the bottom of the pot: each user's initial betting chips, the same per game.3, the minimum raise: raise the minimum amount each time.4. Minimum bet: Each betting minimum.5 …… [Read more]

Acceptance stages (acceptance phase) racehorse owner and trainer must let their horses on whether to participate in a particular field to make a decision the day of the race.Accumulator (multi-color) A contains two or more betting options. The first …… [Read more]

1, a card (also known as a license plate): Starting from the various shuffling cards 17 yards and a pier to a brand so far, called a card.2, circle Cards: by a person from the village, four are in turn when a dealer (including even the village severa …… [Read more]

Now many people play Lotto, but it is very casual play, no in-depth study. Some people will think big lottery just some of the terminology familiar to resolve and not to know, in fact, this is wrong because only familiar big Lotto term, to be able to …… [Read more]

Some terminology when playing Texas Hold'em recurring, it makes a lot of Texas Hold'em poker beginners difficult to understand the rules. So learning Hold'em terminology is very important.Makers (Dealer or Button): from the real tables of …… [Read more]

Mahjong can be said that China has a contribution to the world, between work, friends lobbied for a table for four can be opened. Mahjong game spread to all over the world also changes in a variety of slightly changing the rules of play and , such as …… [Read more]

Friends who want to go to Macau casino to play with to pay attention, casino jargon you know? If you do not know it, when to Macau casinos, the dealer suddenly blurting specialized vocabulary, you'll want a long puzzled how? I think that I do not …… [Read more]

Landlords want to play online? Landlords do not understand the jargon can not. Landlords term online and in real life what is the difference? Watching you know.Cut cardBefore you start playing cards will first determine who will be called points, get …… [Read more]

Think gambling will need to put a lot of time on the top look Handicap Handicap Handicap full use of football terms, joined the line or gambling games usually do not play will not know football Handicap term, we will see a Handicap I think a head two …… [Read more]

Racing (horse racing) is a Hong Kong favorite game for friends continent presumably not very well versed in the Hong Kong Jockey Club. So today is to introduce the Hong Kong Jockey term, my friends want to play you had better pay attention.Acceptance …… [Read more]

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