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Five Card Stud Poker Rules and Tips - Article List

Stud Poker game is a game, and is somewhat similar to Texas Hold'em. With the development, more and more online casino internet online Stud also become the object of a number of players selected. The following is to share how to play Stud.Play on …… [Read more]

Talk Stud Everyone will think of many movies that exciting duel scenes. In fact, this Game First appeared in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and other places. Played with five cards per person than the size, the largest flush, like fraud Jinhua, the need …… [Read more]

All Game All pay attention to psychological tactics, like athlete's psychological reaction in the game as if the psychological adjustment properly, athletes vs. open-minded, agile, the game while away from home due to the psychological factors pe …… [Read more]

Avoid the strike is true is Stud One of the key winning hand, then Stud How can "avoid the strike is true" it. This is the topic we are discussing today.First, when the opponent to increase the note when you are with or against?When the oth …… [Read more]

Betting strategy "Studʱ??Game Is very important, there are many strategies and techniques. Here we only discuss the pass to kill BG betting strategy.Come talk about what you want to pass to kill off the smooth surface called that sign face appea …… [Read more]

A bogey: impatientThere are many players in the Game The process should not be raised when the blind raise. Always thought his cards well, others are vulnerable, that will be able to raise more than the enemy without fighting the soldiers. Of course, …… [Read more]

First, do not follow the shuttle: at the time he did not hold with the shuttle."With the shuttle" is Game Helpless choice made at the players very passive situation, generally speaking, the other party is sure only shuttle (except bluff). W …… [Read more]

Principle I: As the saying goes: Be careful row boat in years Stud Games This is especially true. So in case you can not steady win, not with people's shuttle out.Principle II: Under steady-win situation can not, generally do not shed out of this …… [Read more]

for real Stud Winner, do not use negative people rarely play is, after all, no luck victorious generals, overcast and very wonderful people skills, different cards have different negative people skills, several commonly used me to tell you about.Firs …… [Read more]

Chow Yun Fat in the movie where the great shots we gained powerful aftertaste, Look midstream Stud The status quo. Gaoshourulin turns. Hardcore players a catch is a lot. Hundreds of thousands innings or more players is not uncommon.Stud master more, …… [Read more]

First, observe, careful observationAfter you look at the chips on the table number, if the difference in the 50000 and can be accepted. If there is an exceptionally small points, such as a 40000, another 50,000, only 5,000 last one, you there are 100 …… [Read more]

When Chow starred one called "God of Gamblers" movie, many people began to know Stud It turned out to be a very exciting Game Later, a guy named Jack playing Stud risked their lives to catch the Titanic, people again saw Stud charm.This oft …… [Read more]

First, under steady-win situation can not, not with people's shuttle out.Second, under steady-win situation can not, generally do not shed out. This most critical and stable hand does not win often, so you can take advantage of the opportunity is …… [Read more]

Macao Casino Finally launched the world's popular Texas Stud Following the interstellar fight with machine Stud Lisboa launched in the Green Zone gold zone Stud, Texas.When I play Lisboa Texas stud eight tables, only table 50-100 large table, ser …… [Read more]

I get good luck cards K5 public open 578KK Stud Win opponents (also K) ten thousand. Another take XA Q The board four cards in two, note chapter six thousand, two thousand opponents called me with the last one of my opponents Stud win three seven.Not …… [Read more]

Chinese people will mahjong, looked Stud Fresh off. Stud fact, there are many chances behind the operation, easy for beginners to make mistakes. Stud term difference to beginners and technology players called "big fish."Lisboa Stud started …… [Read more]

Introduction: This paper described it as something real events witnessed author, in order to avoid involving the privacy of others, text with person A, person B, Moubing, a small place of real players ID for narrative convenience, the use of the firs …… [Read more]

Playing stud poker, the bluff is a favorite of many players betting tips, like a good time to successfully steal chickens is not easy, and requires players to have enough courage, sensitivity and skill, there is no well-balanced mind, too make a long …… [Read more]

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