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Best-selling blackjack books - "Blackjack career"

Lawrenceville by classical masterpiece "Blackjack Cause "(Playing Blackjack as a Business) to gain a foothold in the Blackjack Hall of Fame. He was also the top blackjack players, but had worked as a blackjack tables across the player manager with tables Casino owner.

"Lawrenceville" whose real name is Griffith. Owen (Griffith K.Owens), in his lifetime, but also used other aliases such as "Leonard Parsons," "史贝帕森斯", "Bao Luo Manen."

Lawrenceville at the age of 13 began his career ── blackjack in Iowa a small room behind the barber shop when the dealer.

He holds a degree in mathematics at the University of Nebraska in 1943 after a pro career began.

Lawrenceville colorful experience includes blackjack at both ends of the table, at different time points of his life, he worked as a dealer, tables manager, casino owner, casino maintenance staff, career blackjack player, writer, professor with the blackjack.

His book "Blackjack career" (Playing Blackjack as a Business) published in 1969, which is the best-selling books of the Game, to date, is still considered to beat blackjack card counting method of One of the best reference books.

In this book presents Virgin Lawrenceville point algorithm (Revere Point Count Strategy), Vail number 5 card counting method (Revere Five-Count Strategy), Virgin subtraction card counting method (Revere Plus-Minus Strategy), Virgin count number 10 licensing law (Revere Ten-Count Strategy).

Some of these strategies is card counting by Julian. Assist Braun (Julian Braun) being completed, in principle, these policies are also based on Edward. Thorpe (Edward Throp) optimization from raw data. This is the first time in the history of card counting methods can be elementary or intermediate level players to understand and practical application to the betting tables.

Lawrenceville, not only in the book there is a detailed description of all card counting method, the player to the color chart guidelines and seed occasions, and stressed the importance of discipline, practice and patience to remind all players even top off will count cards losing streak of bad luck continued when the important thing is how to keep the sink through the darkest period of calm, Looking final victory.

In 1977, he died of cancer on April 23, 2005 and Julian Braun (2005) Julian. Braun simultaneously elected to the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

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