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Blackjack Tips and Rules - Article list - Page 3

A few days ago, the Discovery Channel saw about BlackjackGamblingGame The program, described how blackjack players Casino And making the game very interesting. So the collection and study of some relevant information.1961 professo …… [Read more]

Blackjack is usually Casino The deduction rate (House Advantage) lowest Game, About 2% or less (Slot 5% -8%). Just for that, you must know how to play. I do not spend space in play here. You can go online to check, or some other d …… [Read more]

Is much more beneficial to the players left the big so-called big-name refers to A and 10 (JQK), small cards (2-6) left much Trang (must be added 17 points) plus non-explosive player is in the negative .7,8,9 sexual license, has l …… [Read more]

Crown is good enough to play, but we have bad luck, played nine talent to win back lost in Sydney, and then reeled up to 40,000 Australian dollars two days. So please recognize that card counting passengers and jade exhibition bro …… [Read more]

Card counting is best not to the same table, because of the small easily cause with Datong Casino Alert. Melbourne Betting Environment so superior, there must be some local card counting off work long and different from us, the cu …… [Read more]

Blackjack tips is simple, easy to use, and thus become one of the very popular gambling games, blackjack is a highly mathematical games mathematicians had attracted a lot of interest, and there have been a master by operator Casin …… [Read more]

Blackjack game is very simple, but also very exciting, the players are not good grasp of the situation, it is easy to lose the cleaners in a few innings. Today we give you to talk about, is a few basic blackjack game tips that can …… [Read more]

Before analyzing additional stakes blackjack poker skills, we first look at, what Additional Betʱ??Lady Luck additional bet Means players can bet his first two cards total 20 points, is the "Lady Luck" If the two cards a …… [Read more]

A friend complained to me because I write in Macau casino win blackjack cause reduced incentives for a blackjack. Blackjack experience on the development of the United States may inspire Macau casino?1962 "blackjack Father&qu …… [Read more]

Speaking of gaming experience from the flying experience, most recently when the hot topic as "card counting technique" and "gambling Tour", one comes to these two projects, we will naturally think of Thorpe an …… [Read more]

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