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Blackjack card counting method applies a tutorial

Some time ago I'm feeling relatively smooth possible, beginning yesterday and today the wind has changed, continuously three wipe off, and are playing bj, but fortunately not too much loss, $ 250 today decided to rest at the point where the code word, to see whether to After all useful often go with my words that forum called save point character. Good luck tomorrow, so I do not continue to be so back down.

Today Anjiu talk bj the counting system of card counting algorithm has a lot of very many, to evaluate a card counting method has slightly indicator has three:. Betting efficiency, playing efficiency and insurance efficiency betting efficience is this card counting method tells you When should the next big bet, when should a small note .playing efficiency is based on the count to determine basic strategy variation, tell you when 12 pairs of 5 should hit, when 10 pairs 10 may double. insurance efficiency is to tell you what time buy insurance in your favor.

These three indicators, the first two are the most important.But none card counting method, it is possible on each of these two indicators are the best, because the two are mutually exclusive of each index, a high, and the other on the low.A reason is that this card.This card for betting, it is definitely Zhang good cards, if you know the middle of your hand beneath Zhang A, at least I'll be down to the maximum bet, because if not bj I have a lot of opportunities to get good cards.But if you hit, to a piece of A, then in most cases you do not get much help, but the worst case is a double 11 to the A (number 11 appears From the probability is higher than the number 10 appears) If so, then we should be selected according to the rules of card counting method.

In general, for 6deck or 8deck of bj, betting efficiency most important, that is to say basically, how much you note how than you think to name one hand important to come.In 2deck or 1deck of bj in, playing efficiency accounted for a large proportion, so for this game, playing efficiency must choose high Algorithm.Taking into account the practical, here I put my algorithm often used to introduce to you.In 6deck, I use hi-low count, 789 not, 10 and A count -1,2-6 count 1, 2 and 7 to some algorithm changed, the difference is not big, 2 and 7 were slightly more favorable for the crops a little, nine pairs of players favorable, so the shift.In 2deck, I will improve the look of this algorithm, the A to do a side count.So I have two hearts counting system, one that contains A, and this gave me the count algorithm determines how much my next note, the other one is with the A's, 10 count -1,3-6 count 1, the algorithm get out of the count determines how I play my hand cards.

Obviously, this method is difficult to grasp, but fortunately only need to use in 2deck or 1deck, the number of A's is not too much, I usually calculated using a finger in 2deck Game In the A side count as at least 20% of the profits, in 1deck, nearly 35 percent, but in 6deck, only able to slightly increase a little bit, but the A 6deck too, is not suitable for side counte. I initially Casino The 2deckgame point deficit to eat, we later learned that the game penetration is poor, it is not worth it to an end. I want to go to las vegas now is to find a good point 2deck game, if you do the A side counte, then 1-8 times The betting spread, is definitely a dead win.2deck game cards than 6deck trend is much easier to predict.

So if you want to study bj, we must carefully study 2deck or 1deck how to play, this game is a good rule once encountered, you will hit the jackpot.Finally, give some occasionally have people over and over again bj casino play was one of the easiest card counting method, A-5 count, is very simple, it is the view out of the middle of the plate or 5 A out much much more, if 5 is much lower The piezoelectric can be a little more, if A are out, less pressure point.The reason is simple, A most favorable for the players, five pairs of the most favorable crops.If you do a 1-2 betting spread, this algorithm is basically a good game can break even.But this is a very simple algorithm, so only occasionally to play for people who want to learn count, or really can not count people use.Do not come to me to lose.

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