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Betting Guide Blackjack Table Etiquette

Blackjack is a civilized gambling game that should pay attention to etiquette.

1. Waiting at the table or asking

Possibly, the card counter calculates that the good cards are playing big, and it is impolite to open the door for $10 and cause $3,000.

When you go to the table, you can ask the table gamblers if it is inconvenient or wait for the cards to be shuffled. The other day, a reckless guest came to the table,

The table-mate asked him to wait for the shuffle. He said, "The table is not for you!"

Once the injection leaves, in fact, there is no harm in making money with anger.

2. Small guests do not share the table with large guests

When someone at the same table puts down 2,000 or 3,000 each, if you only put down 100 or 200, don't be annoying.

A few days ago, I bet 1700 each to get 20 points, and the end bet was 100 yuan 15 to the dealer 10 not to surrender,

It cost me $6800. I don’t want to say it in my mouth….

3. Try different tables for card counters

Same big and same small is not good-looking.

4. There is no gambling table with card counters in Wong-In

5. No card counting, no 10 points

6. No tracking and no cutting

Someone at the same table may be tracking, and let him (her) cut in your favor.

7. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the basic strategy, but the rules of gambling should be clarified first

Those who do not know are not guilty, but they play slowly (16 pairs of banker 2 plus do not think for a long time),

It affects the speed of the game...and also affects the profit of the card counter. The basic strategy is the best,

In the long run, other people's playing cards will not affect their cards, but playing basic strategies will not be resented.

8. Don't ask others how to fight at the table?

Card counters are most afraid of their tablemates (losers) asking why and when to bet big?

9. Don’t Complain About Others Playing Cards

Playing cards will hurt you and save you.

You think someone made a mistake (A7 raises, 99s, 16s...)

Maybe someone else is right.

Morons often think the following play styles are wrong:

16 raises...16 to 7/8 should raise

99 points... 99 to 2-6/8/9 should be split

A7 raises...A7 should raise against 9/10/A

Take a photocopy of this article and take it with you,

When you come across the magic bag, show it to him or her.

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