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Texas Hold'em rules and tips - Article List

Texas Hold'em IntroductionTexas Hold'em There are four betting circle flop Gameʱ??Gameplay1. Each circle bets order depends on the dealer "button" position, which is a sign held by a player in a clockwise rotation.2. The two players …… [Read more]

Blinds major poker rooms in Macau highest range, the minimum basic in 10/20 (25), not a lower level.At this level, the lowest purchase limit for each poker room is not the same: the lowest is interplanetary, 500 yuan, which means you spend 500 yuan o …… [Read more]

Carry Macau Texas Hold'em The time is not long, probably beginning in 2008 spread, and before that, Waldo Entertainment City There have been electronic Texas Hold'em, this electronic poker church a group of people playing Texas Hold'em, a …… [Read more]

1 foolhardy Stage This stage is characterized watch brand to brand, the feel to licensing, such as A3 short, as long as the card with A's psychology is full of happiness, but after the flop all the dreams are thrown into a drainage ditch. In shor …… [Read more]

Error 1: Play too many starting hands many players have no patience to wait for a good hand, fold in a row for a long time, they will be anxious impatient and began to play some not worth playing starting hands.Texas Hold'em It is a great need fo …… [Read more]

In the field of poker, the proper means of All-in tactics, can unexpectedly, set outstanding service.Han then relying Last Stand, defeated Zhao. Shows the resourcefulness to use this tactic, often you can receive miraculous.All-in we can call all-in …… [Read more]

Send 221 per hand, you have the opportunity to send to AA.We have discussed in the fifth chapter of the book too, AA is the best hand, it is the natural enemy of all other cards.When you hold AA, before the flop, you just have to consider two issues, …… [Read more]

Any Notes Texas Hold'em The biggest difference between Limit Texas Hold'em is the location and brand value.In No-Limit, the position to be more important, because your decision will bring greater impact stacks.If you are in No-Limit position …… [Read more]

1. Too many hands to play starting hands: in a standard 2-4 US dollars Any Notes Game You should have 20-30% of viewing the flop ratio. That is, in the first position, holding the hands of AJ when folded, the intermediate position holding KJ fold rea …… [Read more]

Catch good cards when you defeat not let go, thus losing all the chips on hand.The face of the other bets, holding a weak hand with the note.Play too many starting hands.When the hands holding the best hand before the flop did not raise (to hold pote …… [Read more]

Most of the time, you should hold the big score on the card (AA-QQ) and suited connectors (AK, AQ) at the same raise / reraise, so that low scores on the cards and a variety of different flowers even with cards for the flop cards to pay for it. Remem …… [Read more]

For not played Texas Hold'em Novice, into the online poker room, it is recommended to play free single-table poker tournaments (sit and go), then freeroll (freeroll) are practicing a technique; more important is to practice patience; to practice …… [Read more]

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