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Hi-Lo card counting method with the basic strategy

Julian Braun (Julian Braun) in Blackjack Fame is particularly unexpected, with respect to the storms of card counting expert, Julian is a very quiet and even very low key person all his life served as programmer at IBM.

Julian hardly involved Casino His research is in blackjack IBM lab surface finished, but he is no measurable contribution to blackjack.

Julian was born in 1929 in Chicago (Chicago), he obtained a degree in physics with mathematics double, had the US Marine Corps service, and enter IBM IBM service and stayed for more than 25 years in 1961.

Collaboration with Dr. Thorpe

Julian will begin research Blackjack is because Thorpe's book "Beat the Dealer" side profile of doubt, he wrote to Thorpe and Thorpe to a backup computer program.

Combined with his talent plus ICC was IBM's super computer (IBM 7044), he will be Thorpe's study quenching chain a more perfect blackjack strategy, during the four years of his use of IBM's 7044 Analog 90 Blackjack million lots of information, created a Hi-Lo card counting method with the basic strategy (Basic Strategy). Julian version of the original version only Bi Suopu precise and more simple.

Julian Thorpe study later published in "Beat the Dealer" in 1966 reprinted edition, the book is extremely Thorpe recognized and praised the contribution of the study of Julian blackjack:

"By Julian blackjack operation to the original program of optimization, making the results of all studies currently the world's most accurate. In this book he generously share the findings."

"How to overcome the nine p.m." (How to Play Winning Blackjack)

Julian continued to improve his blackjack strategy to achieve perfection, his findings published in Lawrenceville (Lawrence Revere) of the book "Blackjack career" (Playing Blackjack as a Business), as well as Lance · John Bo and Carl Cooper's book "the world's greatest blackjack book" (The World's Greatest Blackjack Book), 1980, the Julian published his book "How to beat the Blackjack" (How to Play Winning Blackjack).

As the author's style, the book is very low-key, straight and strong logic.

In the preface of the book, Julian impact statements: "The reason I wrote this book is that I hope to provide useful information to help hundreds of thousands like me interested in blackjack players, in this first warning readers. I'm not a very talkative person, nor former casino manager, the book is not the same as some other books, there are incredible Warren anecdotes, or cause fans inside story, or place in the tables on brilliant exquisite big showdown. Instead, I will try to show in a logical way my 18 years of research to you. "

In "How to beat blackjack", the Julian explain the best basic strategy, how you play the proposal, and contains color, form and easy to use for a variety of rules of Blackjack Game As the title, Julian's book is a how to overcome completely blackjack textbooks.

Edward. Thorpe, the father of blackjack card counting, the highly respected Julian's book, he wrote:. "Julian my original computer simulation program, transforming into the world's most powerful and most accurate Blackjack Strategy calculation tools. "

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