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Roulette Tips and Rules - Article list

Roulette is a simple stimulation of gaming, roulette wheel by the pattern and composition, typically containing 37 or 38 digits, the dealer playing roulette edge beads, beads falling number is the winning number. Roulette Betting …… [Read more]

Roulette The dealer can not want the ball in which small figures which certainly hit the numbers, however, experienced roulette dealer can often make for a continuous period of numerically small roulette ball in. With such an expe …… [Read more]

playing Roulette Before considering betting strategy Betting on 1:. 1 amount Game Initially, must be fair, due to the high bet might win a lot of money, you may also lose a lot of money.Once you decide the risks associated Betting …… [Read more]

when Rotary table The number is open sideways or even jump between hop (the interval a) when you can try to slash the number of the next three, I played this there is a certain probability of occurrence, and sometimes even in a fe …… [Read more]

First, the use of electromagnetic control (relatively early technology) mainly use electromagnets to control the ball falling ball position.Second, the use of risk control, that is, after the extension pressure points, the data ca …… [Read more]

One active in Australia Casino Professional gambler, a casino dissatisfied Sydney Blackjack Do not play fair, so gamblers can win money, then threatened retaliation, saying today in this free public casino play in personal web pag …… [Read more]

We put the chips placed in 1 ~ 6,7 ~ 12, 19 ~ 24 and 25 ~ 30, 31 to 36, these positions, no matter which one of us can get $ 6, $ 5 bet minus net profit of $ 1. This method can have 30/37 chance to get in, that winning percentage …… [Read more]

Gambling licenses approach 200: 140 in the lower half of local, namely: 19-36; 50 at 13-18 six figures; 10 bet on zero as a guarantee.Here you will find if you have to cover up two-thirds of the latter half of the local win, you w …… [Read more]

Rotary table Five taboos, all roulette players are willing to look.1, do not be greedy: the so-called lack of Tunxiang people, greedy word becomes poor, so when you win to a certain extent, should continue striving hard.2, do not …… [Read more]

Visual Rotary table First note down the approximate location of the wheel, here is the song must remember wheel position."Roulette verses"Zero's first single entrenched in, (0)Lay it on the downstream, (5,10)Zero lef …… [Read more]

American Roulette 1-36 digits, fear 0 bits appear, all the expectations naught exciting.Macau play a variety of entertainment and drinking places, neither the American Roulette ROULETTE] [irritant, the disc 37 (0-36) numbers, arra …… [Read more]

I recorded some Sands Macao Casino Of Roulette Limit red, for your reference, I would like to roulette and less interested in the Macao Special helpful friends.5 yuan, solitary MARTIN: 5-100 (minimum bet - the maximum bet, the sam …… [Read more]

full name"Rotary table Nemesis Roulette PRO InsightBet-TURBO (Produced roulette king). "Seems to be designed for cracks European online roulette and design. Which has a very good analysis of the record, there are number …… [Read more]

Today is the first time to play this Roulette But the tragedy of the former 10 to play very good, see a high frequency of the five elements of water, to think to fetch water, the result is negative chase, the results did not, and …… [Read more]

It is said,Baccarat Is the most fair, the so-called leisure opportunities village is 50%. However, it is this 50%% is the most easy to lose money. Like Rotary table, Charge the singular, not easy, and only one chance 37 minutes.Ho …… [Read more]

I have studied the natural numbers, natural numbers secret I've know!You might have thought Rotary table Chance of 0-36 is equal to the number that appears, I can tell you it is not equal. Know three Dice Why chance 9,10,11,12 …… [Read more]

Choose Online Casino Is something a lot of players for granted. This is possible, because many novice Casino Gamblers think that all online casinos is the same, both in what they offer Game Their licensing and regulation. We decid …… [Read more]

European Roulette The average wager law risk is relatively small, relatively speaking, is that the amount of each bet the fixed return is fixed. Gambling every note you hit the pressure probability of 2/3, which is the pressure in …… [Read more]

Here today disclosed a 3-way Sarkozy win Rotary table Play This is one of my friends used to scoring and winning way, with one in doubles Game All OK, but used to play roulette can play with 3-way, do not waste time, you can also …… [Read more]

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