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Blackjack basic rules - Casino & Online Casino applicable

Blackjack basic rules introduced

1. To card (Hit)

Players need to wager placed on the table then, making the start licensing, cross-licensing the dealer after the first player for the first time license per two to each player is dealt two cards, dealt face up;.. Give yourself issued two cards, one card face up, one card face down. K, Q, J, and 10 cards are counted as 10 o'clock. A card can also be counted counts 1:00 11:00 by A player's own decision in terms of 11:00 is "soft" brand (eg: A, 6 points and a soft 17)., A meter is 1 is "hard" card (eg: A, 6, Q 17 total points is hard ). The remaining cards are by all 2-9 its original face value.

2. Comparison of size

If the player's first two cards is to get an A and a 10, you have Black Jack (Blackjack); In this case, if the dealer does not blackjack, players will be able to win 1.5 times the bet (2 lose 3). If the dealer is blackjack, the player not, the dealer took away the players bet no blackjack players can continue to get a license, so that the total number of points as close as possible but not more than 21:00, who is closest to 21 o'clock, whoever wins, if the same number of points, then flat, and do not win or lose; if more than 21 points the player will "burst", the dealer can be taken away without opening card players bet more than the dealer points.Blackjack The dealer pay the same amount of players bet bet. Banker licensed less than 16 total points, it must be brand until more than 16 or "bust" (more than blackjack), unless the dealer to get a soft 16. If dealer's total number of points is equal to or more than 17 points, you have to be suspended.

3. scoreboard (Split)

If the players first two cards the same number of points, you can select split into two tricks (split), by the player one person. Bet, played with before. If the third is still the same as the previous two, we can continue to split, the same as the fourth card is not separable, only as the first of the second card. However, if you require two separate cards ace bet, you can extract only one card to each hand. If you separate the two ace cards bet, while a total of 21:00 solitaire, you will not be considered to win blackjack, only regarded as 21:00. You may not separate bet to have a separate bet.

4. Double bet (Double)

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Double bet: (Double) if you have to extract the two cards, and then you think a third card lets you win the dealer's hand, you can request a "double bet" will increase your bet double. times, and you can only be extracted an additional card. If get Black Jack, is not allowed to double the bet.

5. Insurance (Insurance)

If the dealer to get the winning numbers in the hands of A, dark card if it is 10, J, Q, K would constitute blackjack. Players at this time have the opportunity to buy insurance, the insurance bet is half the player had.

(1) If the player chooses Insurance

Banker is Black Jack, the dealer only win insurance.

Black Jack dealer is not the dealer first take away insurance, then you want to brand, compare programs, same as above.

If a player get blackjack, you can still get all of the remuneration.

(2) If the player does not choose Insurance

When Black Jack dealer is, taking away the players bet.

Black Jack dealer not still be to licensing, program comparison, same as above.

Blackjack bet selection

If you are playing in an online casino blackjack, if every bet big, of course, it will speed up the pace to earn bonuses, but also large fluctuations in winning or losing, sometimes leads wiped out, not only did not make money, even the capital We are lost, for example: You deposit $ 1,000 to Casino A casino and B, which are sent to 20% bonus, ie $ 200 bonus, requires all you have to bet 10 times the prize amount, namely $ 2,000. A casino every time you bet $ 50, just play 40 times on Remove the bonus conditions to reach you in the casino B each $ 1 bet, you need to play 2,000 times to achieve the removal of bonus requirements.

Betting amount and frequency fluctuation table

Casino A (美元 50 X 40 times)+ - $ 158+ - $ 315+ - $ 473
Casino B (美元 1 X 2000 times)+ - $ 23+ - $ 45+ - $ 72

In the casino B, you win $ 23 and lose the opportunity to fluctuate between $ 23 is 67%, you win $ 72 and the opportunity to fluctuate between $ 72 output is 99%, even if luck especially poor, in order to achieve earn bonuses wagering requirements, you lose 72 yuan, plus 0.6% casino advantage, you have lost $ 2000 X 0.6% = $ 12, you lose a total of $ 84, but you get a $ 200 casino bonus, you still result win $ 116. to play 300 hands per hour to count, play 2000 hands takes about six hours, that is, if specialized earn bonuses, win an average of about 20 dollars per hour.

In the casino A, you win $ 158 and lose the opportunity to fluctuate between $ 158 is 67%, you lose the opportunity to win $ 473 and $ 473 between volatility is 99 percent, if you encounter bad luck, in order to achieve profit bonus wagering requirements, you may lose 473 yuan, plus 0.6% casino advantage, you have lost $ 2000 X 0.6% = $ 12, you lose a total of $ 485, even if you get a $ 200 bonus casino The results you still lose $ 285, more harm than good, so special to earn bonuses, play must be cautious, every bet small.

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