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The most successful team in the history of blackjack legend

Tommy. Hyland was born in 1956 in New Jersey (New Jersey), from the famous Casino Atlantic City (Atlantic City) is only 50 miles, his 10-year-old began Gambling─ coin toss against the walls, the walls of the closer who has won all the coins. High school, he played basketball, golf, baseball, and participate in sports Betting He later read a Wittenberg University in Ohio, Tommy admitted when he was a bad student, all day playing golf,Poker With the shooting.

In 1978, when he was still at school, Tommy and his roommate read Lawrenceville "Blackjack Cause. "They read the book and continue to practice. Tommy's roommate, was also keen to blackjack than Tommy, and Atlantic City won thousands of dollars and his roommate inspired Tommy careful reading with exercise Blackjack power, and in the spring of 1979, Tommy is ready to become a professional card counting passengers.

Tommy also read Ken. Wu Sidun (Ken.Uston) of the book "Million Dollar Blackjack." Tommy's first two group ── his team with his golf companion Leo (Leo). Tommy starting from $ 1000 In just six months into a 4-fold. Tommy later any connection with Rio Atlantic City recognize card counting off Doug, and David combined into a larger team. At the end of 1979, when the four people team has become the principal 16,000 100,000 dollars or more a, when Atlantic City Casino Start using "early fall" rule of professional players are more favorable.

After this great victory, Tommy thought Las Vegas to go on, but other members read Stanford. Wang (Stanford.Wong) of the book "Asian gambling blackjack play" (Blackjack in Asia) and the tendency to go to Asia to try their luck.

After Doug leave the team with David, Tommy and trained other friends playing blackjack, formed a 10-15 person team, Tommy functioning at this time an unprecedented large team.

Member faces come and go, but Tommy's team impregnable, Tommy plays in team convener, trainer, administrator with the manager's role.

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