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Sic Bo Tips and betting strategy - Article List

Sic Bo Chinese means "a pair of dice" in ancient China began the game, despite the use of the name, but in fact this game is played with three dice game is very simple - the player about to throw the dice on The combination of various types …… [Read more]

It is said,Electronic Sic Bo The average kill rate Liucheng, Attu no exact figures, but Casino Let the machine continuously added, and observed every passing saw eight seats often almost a full house scene, the hearts of secretly calculations, this s …… [Read more]

Recently I have tried to endure hand away Casino Of Sic Bo Machine, but something big challenge, but also draws time and haste, giving no chance to rest, plus take points quickly, so many people are playing on the addiction, including Attu included. …… [Read more]

China received gamblers brother rebellion, represents the Grand Canal Playground The new electronic Sic Bo, Not new products, already in the racecourse's SJM slot airport appears, is the same model, but also the mysterious brother Hua said that a …… [Read more]

Earlier in this column written electronic Sic Bo machine, and made the two questions are questioning why this machine off first bet before the dice roll in transparent overlay draws and dice why Aberdeen is not transparent, it is Dice suspect into an …… [Read more]

He said last week Two mysteries electronic Sicbo machine They are within a dice Aberdeen transparent box is not transparent, and to roll dice bet before practice, do not yet received any clever answer, but like this Game No shortage of people who are …… [Read more]

Attu among gamblers to Baccarat Fans, followed by turn Sic Bo Only once and then turn Fantan Blackjack As for like Electronics Game Machine Zheyi big lack of people, in short differ from each other, what they want, there is no right and wrong, or the …… [Read more]

If you like to play electronic Sic Bo machine, then, because the text of the main points, there is the opportunity to help you win, Attu refers Playground Within Electronic Sic Bo machine, Each round of Sic Bo tables can sit eight people, in front of …… [Read more]

Less in this column about Sic Bo This stuff, because of a psychological disorder, feeling "large and small" and "around the dice" to a mind-take-all, unfair to punters, of course Attu also understand what gambling is also pumping …… [Read more]

Yuxia Sic Bo game play:Yuxia Sic Bo game Also a Casino games, But many Betting Players of this game is not very familiar with this type of game and the odds with another method SicBo gambling game is basically the same, but the use of the dice by the …… [Read more]

mine Sic Bo Playing water method is very simple, it is based on the probability and magnitude, while single and double or large single + Queen + Double or small or large + small + double. Main code is not too large, 10-20 can be, so a note to 20 -40. …… [Read more]

The following is a bet:Bet periods if the current cumulative surplus accumulated profit and loss if Yu110010010021502505033005505046001150505120023505062450480010074900970010081020019900500921,200,411,001,3001,042,400,835,001,300Sic Bo Betting Heart: …… [Read more]

Next Caishuxueqian, not talk, this can only express my opinion Sic Bo Often several ways to win, to Bo Zhongyou smile.About Often win I think that may be implemented in the following ways:1, funded, is a thousand times the base code.Just by this, cer …… [Read more]

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