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Las Vegas blackjack raid

Thorpe and Manny Kimmel, a wealthy professional gambler and illegal horse betting industry, with $ 10,000 as a bookie joint venture began their research. First they visited Renault with Lake Tahoe's Blackjack Tables, beginning experiments Thorpe theory.

Just one weekend they won 11,000 US dollars, also confirmed Thorpe's argument was successful in the initial raid in Las Vegas, because their uncanny ability to lead the Casino Preservation of attention, otherwise Thorpe could win more money, this also led to a number of casino Thorpe was expelled in one night.

Casino countermeasures against Thorpe was finished before the shoe that is shuffled during the stay in Las Vegas Thorpe, often must use glasses or fake mustache disguise Disguise addition to another blackjack Thorp a group Baccarat Team is also casino winnings.

The news spread quickly among gamblers, and everyone is eager to have new methods to win money, Thorpe immediately became a celebrity blackjack players between the majority of the DB in order to spread his research players, in In 1962 he wrote "Beat the Dealer," a book, the book came to be treated as a group to count cards nasal surgery in the world sold more than 700,000 of this, the majority of the response to the book onto the New York Times bestseller list.

Another point to note is that the value of the research Thorpe Thorpe is also a very small handful of computer simulation in order to verify the results of taking the risk of injury in a very short period of time from the application of academic theory to the example of a public published. More valuable is One mathematician. He expressed this whole experiment is to verify the quality of academic, but also the history of the first operation as a DB computer aids people.

The value of a mention is to teach mathematics at MIT colleague Thorpe when, Claude Shannon took his wife Betty Shannon joined the team, and on weekends to Las Vegas to participate Rotary table With blackjack, Thorpe was the first team to start using the portable computer roulette, of course, now is illegal, the portable computer is Thorpe and Claude development in 1960-1961 between later In the version of the casino operation in June 1961, in Claude basement personal studio complete. Thorpe's achievements made him a founding celebrity Blackjack Hall of Fame.

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