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MIT Blackjack team manager saga

Zhang John (Johnny Chang) was the longest in the world-famous MIT team manager tenure, MIT Blackjack Team of brilliant achievements not only be written a best-selling book "Brining down the House: win over Las Vegas", but to the big screen, made into a well-known Hollywood film "21" (Translation: "winning nine p.m. "Hong Kong and Macao" battle of wits Blackjack ").

In addition to a major victory in nine p.m. betting tables, Zhang John and his teammates also the success of the nine p.m.Game To the world.

John Zhang play blackjack origin, of course, begins with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), when he was a university student, though his favorite is math, but he decided to major in electrical engineering, because in MIT, electrical engineering department is the best.

MIT between each semester course will provide some short-term activities for a number of non-academic areas, in January 1979, John Zhang attended a short course on blackjack card counting.

At that time he did not really care, because he is after all just a money young students, and no tables big enough capital to bet on something.

Two years later, Zhang John noticed an advertisement posted on the bulletin board: "Spring Break earn $ 300 dollars."

Based on curiosity, Zhang John attended the gathering, and learned that playing blackjack remuneration, $ 300 dollars is a good treatment and playing blackjack sounds cool, so he received training and passed the test, Spring Break in 1981 with the MIT team left for Atlantic City (Atlantic City).

Blackjack Road Zhang John did not start very well, he is an error on the cards with card counting strategy, but the team did not give him the manager, they will assign him to a less important position, but let He can continue to practice card counting method, at the end, John Zhang grow and become the team's top players.

MIT team continued informal operation for several years, face included in the school with MIT students have graduated. To 1994, it is the most critical moment, before Zhang John's team is not only counting cards also used in many other ways that, For example shuffle tracking, as well as chasing A.

However, Zhang John findings such distractions, but there is no way to let the players concentrate on the most important good thing ── card counting. Team profitable and therefore bear down a great shock, Zhang decided the whole team only John focus on card counting will not do other distracting things, since then, MIT team's profits suddenly into the sky, just a few years swept from the tables of the more than 10 million dollars!

Elected to the Hall of Fame

2005 Halloween party blackjack, Zhang John the best blackjack players around the world show an incredible technology, it took only 33 seconds to even finished two decks.

Is to take away a few cards, and finished in the shortest time remaining cards count and get the value of the cards removed. To complete the two-deck calculations require easy-ordinary focus cases and memory in 33 seconds. Then, John Zhang in 2007 was inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

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