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Casino Raiders and Winning Strategies - Article List

Why Online Casino bonus paid?Land Casino Gamblers often provide free bus, free lodging, free buffet of course, like the service, the purpose is to pull gamblers.Online Casino In this regard it is generous, one reason is that the online casino is smal …… [Read more]

It is believed that the news that the compatriots in the Philippines have been victimized by exchanging foreign exchange in the past two days have already been heard. In the face of these demented people, I hope everyone can protect their personal an …… [Read more]

In order to deal with the "card counting off", the majority of Casino Take the following five measures:1 shoe brand is not mixed with leftover boots next use;2 casinos use six or eight a hybrid shoe brand licensing;3 cyclic shuffling machin …… [Read more]

Before and share participated in several Lisboa Casino Organized by the slot machine game experience accumulated.In the Lisboa casino playing slot machines midterm advantage is that the flow of enough busy enough, this is a very simple principle tige …… [Read more]

I asked some brothers and sisters have been to Macau and elders, substantially 90% of the whole back lose, this coincided with the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Macau to deduct, 500 principal, winning 2000 +, introduced to friends Cheats small win. next t …… [Read more]

I have always been more like the size of the bet, bet the size of a few years, had previously been lost, and now this time are generally profitable.Some friends may be of some help to win a little money.The size of our place, making big shake 11:00 t …… [Read more]

Entertainment City Various Casino games Are built on precise mathematical model, it is a natural law, is the axiom, is the road ......! Just look at the various casino games seriously settings and requirements, you know absolutely no equity at all be …… [Read more]

Casino Not a demon, but because people do not know the bet, but not the bet becomes a terrible fact, even if the casino is really demons, but also completely without tension, saying: magic goes, the Road ridge.Gamblers in the casino so means nothing …… [Read more]

Many of my friends have such experience: in Casino Encountered his heart water pretty road, has yet bet, although not lose money, but the heart is very upset, he did not blame the opportunity to take advantage of profit, when the hearts of whether th …… [Read more]

Shajiao "Senki? "Is the record of a war. We CasinoBetting, Although not to fight, but in fact there is no difference and fight, ups and downs, intense and exciting. In the eyes of all the comrades, betting and war, is the same thing with th …… [Read more]

From my last published a lengthy review "12th trip to Macau, on the right track!" And its sequel "between Macao year," has now been more than a year's time, I average three times a month during which the frequency of intercour …… [Read more]

just now Baccarat Stack yards, hit promotions, earn rakeback, seems to be a trend, including cellular phones, redemption and other veterans also seems to think the only way to win is the code commission baccarat.Casino How much out of commission rate …… [Read more]

Half past one, sitting Galaxy hotel rooms online, 22 floor window silence, while distant feasting, downstairs Casino It seems like the day, gamblers fight hard, there is no concept of time.Suddenly I thought, at this time Language Macau, the former u …… [Read more]

Actually, I think more time watching the show shopping and eating, is more meaningful than sitting in front tables point to see these colorful behind, what will be built.But found little interest shady brother watching the show, or go upstairs bet, t …… [Read more]

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