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Getting blackjack card counting method

We play Blackjack, Often heard said professional gambler card counting method can be used to win Casino Whether card counting method if difficult to learn? And probably the principle of card counting method is what?

The original mathematical statistics, when the shoe in the remaining big account a long time, the dealer is twelve to sixteen points if it is easy to bust, gamblers on average win. Blackjack investors to "card counting method" to find big more investment opportunities. When the Board for a period, a combination of each shoe brand is no longer a standard deck, for example, may account for a ten point five thirteenths four thirteenths instead (if small card, first-out ʱ??

Since the dealer wins that gamblers gamblers first explosion, when a relatively long time in the big shoe, gamblers can not add brake, and the dealer must have five p.m., more big, Zhuang Jiarong explosive, gamblers winning increase.

Around 1960, the University of California Professor Dr. Thorpe brand by the following non-standard computer research (such as licensing is not a five-point or no more than ten points, etc.) change the gamblers winning. He found a big (IX, X, A ) relatively long time gamblers win rate will increase. On the contrary it will increase the rate of gamblers lose. with a deck of cards to play blackjack gamblers and bookmakers in accordance with the basic strategy card game average tie, if there is no card five points (only forty-eight cards), playing basic strategy gamblers average net win Makers 3.6%!

1963 Dr. Thorp published "Beat the Dealer" (Beat the Dealer), a book to guide gamblers to win blackjack card counting, since opened a card counting passengers and casino war.

Dr. Thorpe's "card counting method" is quite complicated, many scholars follow in his footsteps with the more advanced computer developed many precise and simple card counting method. And now this paper is currently the largest passenger count cards using card counting law.

Hi-Lo card counting method thirteen cards are divided into three groups of high cards (Hi) -. Ten, J, Q, K and A, neutral licensing - seven, eight, nine, and low cards (Lo) - two to six parameters of high cards to minus one (-1), low brand is a plus one (+1), neutral card deck 0. Since (or decks) ?, low point cards the same number of sheets (each 20 tickets), card counting passengers from zero began to count, to see low cards plus one, minus one high point cards. After a pair or a box of cards from head count, should be from zero to zero. which may be considered to have experienced +10 (small card, first-out) or 18 (big first-out).

When the count to a positive number represents a relatively small cards much, much more big left, making explosives, then that is favorable to good customer card counting cards, card counting passengers can raise at this time to attack.

Learn card counting method can be more at home as a practice, practice time, take a deck of cards one by one and subtraction, as far as possible completed within twenty seconds count pack of cards. When low cards on the table from each other as possible offset, counting only the net. Just to see the cards should be counted, and to accumulate count box of cards as an investment case, card counting is a method of analysis of investment programs, each card all your information. If Makers shuffle has defect, a part of the cassette cards (cards fall) or order (brand sequence) is reserved to the next box of cards, you can also take advantage of profit (see later on "shuffle tracking" of the legend ʱ??

Called out of the water to count the number of (Running Count) or false number. Play six decks of cards, forget three deputy (left three deputy) to count the number of false and two pairs of false +6 +6 number is not the same as the remaining two Vice +6 brand than the remaining three pairs of +6 cards on card counting off more favorable, while Deputy leave divided by the number of remaining true number is called (True Count), the true number is the shoe for each "a" deputy in the relative number of low cards, is the "true" positive objective, useful number.

If you play a card, hit a half-deputy and count to +3, real number is 6 (3 divided by 0.5), the true number may be higher than the number of false. +

Computer simulation found that card counting off the win rate increases or decreases with the true up and down to adjust. Each positive Hi-Lo really is approximately equal to five thousandths of equity in general assumption that the basic strategy of the casino was negative output thousandths Fifth, the true average is tied +1, +3 true when gamblers basic strategy hundredth average casino win, they win when the two percent true +5.

When card counting cards off the face of the true +3, should lower the vulnerability? If a casino in the United States (usually average basic transmission rate five thousandths), that he "should" under one percent or so of the bookie. In Russia Casino (five thousandths of basic equity), you can bet on two percent of the of the following.

When you have a winning percentage, survived the stool next to win more, but may also be regarded as the dealer and then refined to get blackjack, three seven or cheating. And statisticians Kelly (Kelly) was found, according to the advantages of the ratio to the same ratio for the current There bookie bet can bet this highest of logarithmic growth (Logarithmic growth), and no risk. But if you do not bet with the bookie reduce the amount adjusted, you can consider half or a quarter of Kelly Kelly to reduce the risk, "Kelly" in this? it will become a unit bet, and winning one percent, you bet one percent bookie, and then called a bet Kelly.

In short, blackjack winning, you want to fit in three areas, first you have to understand the basic strategy; secondly you have to understand the basic card counting method; Third, you must know how to calculate how much and when should the next bet.

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