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Professional gamblers will win open wheel Cheats

One active in Australia Casino Professional gambler, a casino dissatisfied Sydney Blackjack Do not play fair, so gamblers can win money, then threatened retaliation, saying today in this free public casino play in personal web pages Rotary table Cheats winning. He even boasted, as long as there is an appropriate number of participants, the casino next year will therefore lose eight hundred million Australian dollars (approximately HK $ 5.16 billion).

Australian newspapers reported that the professional gambler gambling forum Parsons claiming aspect of the world more than 30 years, is the Crown Casino in Melbourne as one of the top two hundred gamblers, the casino earned considerable steady income. He was referring to Sydney Star City Casino (Star City) in blackjack games are played constantly reshuffle unfair and disadvantageous gamblers, so the gambler can not win money, so today in personal web pages free public roulette winnings in the casino's law, web pages and also has a Chinese version for the Chinese. Parsons threatened, as long as the appropriate number of people using his secret recipe, enough to make the casino lose in the next year of about 5.16 billion Hong Kong dollars.

He claimed to have bet blackjack win 6.45 million yuan

Star City Casino's spokesman says, the market has a wide range of gambling law, gamblers must be used with caution: "We would like to see anyone try in any way consistent with casino regulations Dubo, but we appeal to gamblers, We must use these methods in the case of loss of affordable. "

○ 四年 Parsons also launched a similar action against the Crown Casino, he claimed his five hundred pupils, using his research a gambling law, has won more than one million Australian dollars in the casino's blackjack tables ( approximately HK $ 6.45 million).

"Herald Sun" reported last year, the introduction of the Crown Casino in Las Vegas blackjack games are played in 2007, Parsons also criticized the casinos will rule improved to only their advantage, making it difficult to win money to gamblers. He was referring to his own research blackjack and roulette winnings law is lawful, but some users said it was a hoax, the relevant law is not effective roulette winnings.

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