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Special skills Roulette -! WFB Betting Act

We put the chips placed in 1 ~ 6,7 ~ 12, 19 ~ 24 and 25 ~ 30, 31 to 36, these positions, no matter which one of us can get $ 6, $ 5 bet minus net profit of $ 1. This method can have 30/37 chance to get in, that winning percentage is 81.0%. While the 35-point method than winning is much smaller, but can not spend big money is also a point of interest, recommended for those under Small note players. Optional additional six digits. This made the player of your own preferences and circumstances to decide.

WFB cons betting law

Although winning is 80%, which means that only about 20% chance of losing money, that is, we can lose one time in five back of.

If bad luck, then two straight sets might be back, so do not try this method of continuous use. We often have this feeling, bet less money when we will bet small when more funds, then we large bet on hope. But losing party to consider, after losing money we get in return and losing money ratio is constant, the greater your next of losing more. So we must pay attention Enough is enough.

This technique applies a small note next player.

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