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Play European Roulette average betting method

European Roulette The average wager law risk is relatively small, relatively speaking, is that the amount of each bet the fixed return is fixed. Gambling every note you hit the pressure probability of 2/3, which is the pressure in the 36 numbers 24 figures around you select 24 numbers selected are based on the current historical data, select the maximum probability interval 24 digital or digital where the emergence of the first and second of the way here are flat injection method to We hope in times of pressure injection process lead to the dealer.

If calculated according to mathematicians, appear to zero Casino Advantage is 2.7%, which is one hundred per play, according to the probability that you will lose count to 2.7 yuan, if the double-zero table, the casino advantage but will surge nearly doubled to five percent points Second, that is, each playing one hundred yuan, according to the probability that you will lose count to 5.2 yuan, so choose a single zero table for doubling your profit is guaranteed.

European Roulette in the use of this strategy, we must first statistical results appeared 36 times before, look at the number of occurrences of 1 to 12, 13 ~ 24 and 25 ~ 36 to compare the results.

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Here we have to remember that, if the cumulative number of 0 and 00 appear more than once, then please change the table to play.

If a significant number of occurrences of the two zones more than another, then the interval (1 to 12 20 13 to 24 18 25 to 36 8 times):

Then our chance to prepare 200 yuan as a principal, with our betting strategies Come!

1-12 40 yuan injection pressure, injection pressure of 13 to 24 $ 40, out of the red and black trend observed recently, it is determined that the red pressure 9,12 5 yuan in the split, otherwise pressure 8,11 a split, then press 5 yuan in 2,3,5,6 diagonal (based on the previous number does not appear there have been 1,4, 3,6 but there appear).

Compare remain outside and inside multiple 40/5 = 8, because there are more than two-thirds probability of winning, so this case is winning. Prepare 200 yuan can keep no more than two consecutive 4/38 the probability of losing money. Pressure total injection 90 yuan, 30 yuan for each win, the rate of return is very impressive, each inside a split of red and black strike pressure injection to be considered, then 36 times pressure injection as a basic pressure injection cycle.

But there are two cases to timely exit, do not go on fighting, not profit any one cycle exit, more than twice 0 Roulette also quit.

If lucky, winning a total of 10 cycles when accumulated to 500 yuan, 80 yuan range of injection pressure, injection pressure inside each additional 10 yuan, the total amount of 180,400 can guarantee two consecutive mistakes can guarantee not lose money. This Every time win 60 yuan.

If you continue to always be times when you win 10 times, the cumulative 1100 yuan, you can consider leaving the table. Or the night expect profit of 2,000 yuan. Using the interval 160 yuan, inside each 20 yuan jump injection method. This method all lose twice in a row The total amount of 720 yuan. Therefore, 380 yuan for the stop bit, there are nearly 200 profit, remember remember.

The advantage of this strategy is less need for statistical historical data, we can maintain a good attitude to play, do not be too nervous. Peace of mind naturally win.

Last point: the table is the best choice for the single 0, because the probability of a large double 0, so do not use this method on that table.

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