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Play roulette dealer at the process of how to set

Roulette The dealer can not want the ball in which small figures which certainly hit the numbers, however, experienced roulette dealer can often make for a continuous period of numerically small roulette ball in. With such an experienced banker play round disk, for most players, most of the time in terms of is losing. You may from time to time in Casino See, some of the big players is not even bet straight sets to put not in, both with the player's luck has a relationship, but they also have a relationship with many of the dealer, the dealer may say often to the players down a set of avoidance open player selected numbers. Faced with such an experienced banker, you need to be careful.

An experienced banker can give players under cover, in turn, the player can give an experienced dealer under cover! This article describes a method for making the next set of two, one is the face of junior players, and one is in the face skilled players. Please note that this discussion is not network Roulette Game Roulette or computer games, but to the casino's roulette inside. Also, this article discusses are American Roulette (0 and 00).

First, the junior players how to have experienced dealer under cover

First, the BMW Asia will be divided into seven zones roulette: 0 District: numbers 0 and 00; Zone 1: Digital 1-6; 2 District: Digital 7-12; Zone 3: Digital 13-18; 4 District: Digital 19-24; 5 Area: Digital 25-30; 6 district: Digital 31-36.In short, that is, Zone 0 and 6 '6 digit combination bet' area.Very simple, is not it?Now you have to pay attention to look up: 0 and Zone 2 and Zone 5 bet not only in a few areas are contiguous, the wheel is also continuous two: that is close to 0 and 00 to the right of a string of six figures (excluding 0 and 00).Therefore, the whole wheel can be divided into two blocks: 0,2,5 area; 1,3,4,6 area.You look at a few of the table situation: If a player under the re-injection in 1,3,4,6 area and the ball often falls 0,2,5 zone, which basically can explain this very experienced banker (because He can small ball into 0,2,5 regions of these two consecutive on the wheel, thus avoiding a large number of players to choose).

Under a time, if that player also under the re-injection in 1,3,4,6 area, you should do the opposite in the next re-injection 0,2,5 area (ie 0 and 00, para. 2 "6 digit combination bet" area and 5 "6 digit combination bet" area) In this case your win rate is very large, but be very careful: you have to hit the small dealer After the ball was bet, otherwise the dealer in advance to see if you are under the re-injection may work against you.

If no other players on the table (usually for junior players this case I recommend early exit), you can test a little bit Makers: continuous bet in the 1,3,4,6 zone (you can use various combinations bet). If the dealer three consecutive 0,2,5 put the ball into the area regard, it indicates that this is a very experienced banker. the next one, you still in the region of 1,3,4,6 bet, but when the dealer to hit a small ball, you immediately under the re-injection in the 0,2,5 area. In this case you are fairly confident to win, but regardless of the outcome, it put all the best after you quit because with such an experienced banker play quite dangerous.

Second, how skilled players to have experienced dealer under cover

The so-called skilled players, that is to say the player on the digital wheel position to have very clear concepts and have the ability to quickly bet.

Suppose you're the only person on the stage play (usually for skilled players this case I would suggest caution bets, slow bet), a simple method is to bet: 5 parts chips for five combinations of four numbers betting: 3 and 5, 7 and 11, 15 and 17, 20 and 22, 32 and 34.If you look closely at the wheel, then I know I have said this a bet covers the numbers 0 to the right, the left digit 00 consecutive 10 figures and some other scattered digital.Such a bet amount much higher win rate, so quite safe.With this method even bet bet at least 2-3 times and observe the bookmakers ball hit numbers.If the dealer hits the ball repeatedly repeated position around zero, the position of about 00 or 10 digits that the opposite position (that is, those 10 consecutive digits left, the right or the opposite), which can explain this very experienced banker.

Here we assume that the ball hit consecutive 00 digit numbers around next one, you still in the same manner to that of chips with 5 parts of five four number combination bet, but when BMW dealer online casino to hit a small ball After you immediately under the re-injection at around 00 digital, digital is 36, 13, 1, 00, 27, 10, 25, 29, 12, 8, 19, etc. In this case you have fairly confident win But regardless of the outcome, this is the best of the same after you quit, because an experienced banker with this play is quite dangerous.

Third, the summary

With casino, with roulette dealer, it is often a process of wits.If a dealer is skilled and not kind words, the above two methods can be measured out from time to time, and often can beat this in a handful of skilled, unfriendly bookmakers.However, for most players, you may be able to beat this in a skillful, unfriendly bookmakers, but it is difficult to beat him in a row.In addition, the dealer can be a certain degree of control over the ball, not only with their professional proficiency related to, even went to the roulette equipment and so many external factors.When you notice that a dealer unfriendly (ie lead to a big old players losing money), then even if you choose not to leave, at least to be more careful and avoid often under the re-injection.

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