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3-way play together to win roulette

Here today disclosed a 3-way Sarkozy win Rotary table Play This is one of my friends used to scoring and winning way, with one in doubles Game All OK, but used to play roulette can play with 3-way, do not waste time, you can also play the role of hedge though I do not play roulette, but feel good, well, then speak less fees, into the subject matter First talk about the direction of the shot:

1. Record number 6 out of line after line of all 6 6

2. The second line of the first row to see if there are three different play back 3 hand will be different, not the same or three can play back 3 hand it will be the same.

188BET - Win Grand Prizes Here!

3. After the line has been back on the front line

4. At the same time depends on the three routes.

The first road is large and small.

The second way is a single, double.

The third is a red, black.

5. Note code:

Hierarchical wins into negative chase method, the number of layers set their own.

Such as stratification:


6. Basic play:

3 shots hit a hand, even if the two stops, etc. The next shots.

If you lose three in a row also stopped, waiting for the next shots, the stakes raised by one. If the two stakes down layer.

Well, the methods and the stakes have to explain clearly the matter, if you do not understand you can ask questions, I have time to come yet. I hope can help you win money. Typing is not my strong point, so I Gan Department intended to collect small fraction friends ʱ??

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