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Casino roulette machine control principle

First, the use of electromagnetic control (relatively early technology) mainly use electromagnets to control the ball falling ball position.

Second, the use of risk control, that is, after the extension pressure points, the data cable to the pressure spread to sub-state host, then host the pressure points according to circumstances, to blow seek appropriate time delay (if the disc speed and wind speed is constant speed, both Immutable) and then seek out where there are pipes, in a certain number of laps when to seek enforcement blow down, to achieve the control objectives.

Third, the use of intelligent control, also using data lanes into the pressure points of data, then the ball is calculated based on the data host number. Use hit-point control (this technique is the use of the theory of evolution to the current satellite recovery) Next I gave you

For detailed instructions, I installed Rotary table Program development time to introduce:

(1) The first is the magnetron: This control compared to the original, there, about four years ago, there are two specific ways, one is the disc into a dedicated disk and a dedicated ferrite ball, plate appearance and general disc the same, but the interior has a solenoid, in the footwall have brushes after each ball number, by the left and right brushes about 80 volts is applied to the coil, and their own observations Guests pressure injection case.Remote control with the remote control, you can remote control large, small, single, double.Four (remote control receiver on a plate inside) but there are external forces affect the accuracy of the time and sometimes not answer, another is to install the solenoid several hit points below regional control.Similar principles and front, this control method already eliminated, its advantage is the price is cheaper, more accurate control of single and double, the other is not good, the disadvantage is rigid control, failure and more (such as remote control is anti-occupation old cadres with remote control After Replication, it is possible to make the boss losing money) must be pressed to see the guest stars.Easy to make the guests feel it, so I do not recommend the use of.

(2) Wind control: This could be considered under paragraph 1 semi-intelligent machine is the use of wind blew the ball forced under the specific method, install another fan in the footwall, with brass the lookout lead to a request port position, facing the ball runway, at the mouth of the ball above the eye to detect light ball (of course, these are well hidden from the outside can not see).Guests first sub-state pressure has been reached after the host, the appropriate time to seek blowing back data cable, and the ball, the disc speed and ball speed is fixed, the ball reaches a certain number of laps (detected by the optical eye) below The second plus air fan starts.The ball hit the point at the mouth of the mandatory blow off the ball, but this time the disk location just to the guests do not place pressure.Where the pressure points or less, the advantages of this control method is to control the quasi accuracy in a ball, it is that you will 1-24 full pressure full, the machine number 0, the disadvantage is that there is an external force, falling ball is always a point, and The music must be increased in order to conceal blowing sound, then there are love wandering around the best eight hours on debugging time.

(3) smart card control: This is the first pure intelligent machines, ext hard all removed, mounted on isa an interface with a computer board, the host is the same.There are two data lines, uplink and downlink.Blowing into a special request of the center, but the same as the original, this machine is the first data to the host, and then appropriately changed according to the host computing blowing seek time, to control demand.Provided that the disk speed and wind speed constant, this machine has auto-correction feature, do not always debug the machine, as long as you can hit a good point to debug.Is to raise a point, the ball did not hit the point when fresh, and the disc with control purposes.Comparative advantage is intelligent control, humane, guests wins or loses, the boss is not a sure win loss, the disadvantage is the need to change things too much, the picture a little difference.

(4) hit a point roulette machine: This machine is a modified roulette machine made according to risk control, low cost advertising for the big, gathers roulette machine market from 70%, the control method is the same wind control, just 2 times plus wind removed.Then six hit points into big points raised chassis, always hit a little (if the point is almost the top of the runway a little bit longer.Fool can see it).The machine advantage is cheap, there is no problem within the 100 games of the future do not know.Shortcomings, the ball is too slow, always hit a little.Point for a long, and guests easy to find, there is no automatic correction function, such as hit the wrong spot (due to mechanical failure or voltage variation) control just the opposite, that is what the guests what pressure.Because of its advertising to do good, so many people have bought, but the effect is not clear how to.

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