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Mining techniques roulette make money in the rules

Today is the first time to play this Roulette But the tragedy of the former 10 to play very good, see a high frequency of the five elements of water, to think to fetch water, the result is negative chase, the results did not, and I think this five elements are fake, I chase it is not, I see four not out before chasing, even after the six, only the results of 13, see the most other regions also stopped 5 6 will be out, hey, this is also too fake, after playing to pay attention, if I was I only played in strict accordance with the size of single and double would not be so miserable. My goal is to collect 600 to 450 you have to, hey regret Oh! if you have any good play, together to talk about, I always use Baccarat To play.

Playing for real money roulette Game, As long as the hearts of everyone to have their own skills, then play the game much easier today to introduce a skill mastered the use of the best to go, good luck up.


188BET - Win Grand Prizes Here!

1. Every twelve digit for a group: (1-12) (13-24) (25-36)

2. Are you in charge of each group selected a horizontal (street) -3 digits

3. If Dice(Dice) hit you do not have a group of detention, the next inning inning bet you were hit in that group of three horizontal (Thus, most of what you want to bet, is that 3 cross row)

4. If the dice do not hit you bet you bet on a gambling licenses again, you bet on the bet that has been horizontal, for example: you bet on a gambling licenses in the horizontal 1-3 The result is 10. You are betting on gambling licenses and then 1-3 the horizontal, and continue.

5. After the win, say, you are charging the following method: the horizontal 1-3 (group 1) You have five gambling licenses Horizontal 13-15 (group 2) you have three gambling licenses Horizontal 25-27 (group 3) You have two gambling licenses to hit 27, you win won a number of bets that need to be reduced, that is, reducing the number of gambling licenses (and thus, in the horizontal 25- Under 27 he won the case, put in the row of all gambling licenses all removed) previously had under the horizontal is 2 gambling licenses. So now elsewhere lose the whole bet gambling licenses 2, and then continue. Horizontal 1-3 (group 1) is now 3. Horizontal 13-15 (group 2) is now a first Group 3 in a row and now this one are not encumbered.

6. Next of this board, for example, fall into Group 3 dice that one, then you start here at a gambling licenses, as the game starts as.

7. If you hit zero, it does not matter, continue in the same place at the same number of gambling licenses summary: If Dupai bet most of row win, remove all bets win if that group The newly selected less than other groups, other groups will bet on the number of gambling licenses, first subtract the number of gambling licenses you have on that group to win custody. This is very important because you available during the progressive control master.

Finally, here, it is recommended that the best way to practice without Esen bet demo look.This is a cautious, thoughtful approach.But you can not go take unnecessary risk.So compare the worst case we should also take into account.Therefore, it is necessary to prepare sufficient funds.For safety of principal, I recommend every bet, to have 400 gambling licenses savings amount.Perhaps, some people will feel no need to prepare so much.However, DC on precisely those who do not have any money to play to win real money roulette, and what people want.So also, but only in the movies.There are plenty of reserve, while others have no harvest is over, you can still win a few games.

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