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Roulette Tips and Rules - Article List - Page 2

Gambling online roulette six or seven years, longer than baccarat history, there have been several classic battle, but ultimately completely, you do not laugh, now share combat experience.There have been 30 hit 10,000 yuan, 150 yuan hit 10000, 60000 …… [Read more]

The major betting companies Casino, Roulette is more popular worldwide betting favorite player arcade game, I am also a favorite entertainment outside baccarat game, but if you go to select this 37 figure, more Then you win bigger profits in betting, …… [Read more]

Win within three a fly or win 10 fly within 30?Assume will win 10 within 30, 30 or presumed will open within 10 idle.First the under 10, lose to lose share to the remaining 10 are expected to win 10 of the bet, the second of the 10 + 10/10 = 11, tent …… [Read more]

Most of the Macau casino or an online casino gambling will also provide American and European Roulette, European Roulette personally think is more worthy of bets, because the relative absence of European roulette gambling so much attention. Since it …… [Read more]

Play roulette really fun, but the only problem is easily crowded roulette table side, and unconsciously, likely to fall into chaos.Roulette has "the most troublesome casino table games," he said. Those crazy when French aristocrat invention …… [Read more]

3. This is what I wrote it myself, written in 2001,1. red and black or odd and even, in general I was more than three consecutive months, and then press note, do not press too much pressure at the beginning, can be 1, you can also press 5, each press …… [Read more]

For example, OPEN THE VAULT (20 line machine) hit rate is 36.70%, since each 1 hits computing is a hand (can not hit half hand), so this machine in hand at least a minimum number of 1,000 lots (in 367 hand).BLAZING PHOENIX (20 line machine) hit rate …… [Read more]

2. encore, users original dataPosted:Thank you for your support, I put my own set of skills irregular (continuous improvement), to all researchMy idea of ​​this method from Game, is named chaos disrupted Mono lawCondition:1. Capital about 1002. Roule …… [Read more]

Roulette game system requires little time and the turntable starts running the ball after the start of betting. It also means having a simple and perfect counter-measures, after the ball is thrown ban betting. In this condition What is the most power …… [Read more]

1. The first to a relatively old data, the majority of veterans are seenSo selection wheel for the entry of the reason is that his calculation of the probability and odds better and more stable.Such as redness, the probability of black, single, doubl …… [Read more]

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