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American Roulette various combinations of probability list

Roulette is a simple stimulation of gaming, roulette wheel by the pattern and composition, typically containing 37 or 38 digits, the dealer playing roulette edge beads, beads falling number is the winning number. Roulette Betting methods varied, may cast a single number or combination of numbers on the tables provided any Common roulette is European Roulette and American Roulette, European Roulette contain 0-36 except that a total of 37 numbers, the prize money was sent 48.65%. American Roulette more than a "00" area, a total of 38 numbers, send the prize money rate slightly lower than European Roulette, is 47.37%. Therefore, if you want long-term involvement roulette betting, then chose Continental comparison easily winning.

American Roulette odds and probability victory list is as follows:

Red 1: 1,47.37%;

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Black 1: 1,47.37%;

Odd 1: 1,47.37%;

Even 1: 1,47.37%;

The 1st to the 18th 1: 1,47.37%;

19 to 36 No. 1: 1,47.37%;

The 1st to the 12th 2: 1,31.58%;

The 13th to the 24th 2: 1,31.58%;

No. 2 on the 25th to 36: 1,31.58%;

Any number 35: 1,2.63%;

Two number combinations 17: 1,5.26%;

A combination of three numbers 11: 1,7.89%;

A combination of four numbers 8: 1,10.53%;

A combination of six numbers 5: 1,15.79%;

Combination 0,00,1,2,3 6: 1,13.16%;

Can be seen from the table, a single number bet odds are very high, but the odds are ridiculously low, charge red and black, parity and other relatively safe, but the income is not high, if you do not use tricks, depends on luck, long-term down, betting the player is not to earn steady output.Therefore, in order to make money must adopt certain skills.Roulette road is hard to find, because the next game and the game has nothing to do, it is difficult to infer the situation prior to the adoption of future trends, but if thousands or even tens of thousands Bureau summary, you can still find some rules.How to take advantage of these laws, to find their own way and betting method is suitable, to see how we will own and others' experience flexibly applied in actual combat the.

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