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The most dangerous is the safest, most secure is the most dangerous

It is said,Baccarat Is the most fair, the so-called leisure opportunities village is 50%. However, it is this 50%% is the most easy to lose money. Like Rotary table, Charge the singular, not easy, and only one chance 37 minutes.However, the rate of return is very high.But more secure.Such as Baccarat, even if only once bet $ 10, straight sets ten times, a hundred, and win once, then earn one hundred.Many people use way bet times the investment, generally protect this child, micro earn.And roulette, if you're lucky, it is entirely possible to deduct.General charge, is profitable in the 2400 yuan.The Baccarat it?If you want to win 2,400 yuan, 2,400 yuan you have to make a bet, and if he loses, that is 2400 yuan.Want to win back their money, we must re-charge 2400 yuan, if lose, then you have to bet 4800 yuan, if still lose, then you might not have the opportunity to win back their money in, because this, this time you have lost a lot of money, your mind may thus imbalance.Unbalance in the DC is the most dangerous thing, however.While playing roulette, even though each charge 100 yuan, you are taken into custody in the first 37, you only lose 200 yuan, and if you are lucky, you will make money.This does not have to let your mental balance.

To play roulette random random. How to call random random? That is, what you do not do statistics, you just want a digital area bet on it. Control the money, do not impulse raise. According to probability, if you not deliberately go to that for a long time yet the figures, in general, you will not be so miserable. an easy out numbers and a special easy to figure out, if you just think to make a number, generally do not think of these two the number and in which the grand prize, it is hard to get these two numbers.

Some say: "This is related to the relationship between probability and odds of winning, of course, the return of the low probability of the lottery have a few more millions do.." In fact, the lottery is not a play for the first project, the total rate of return is just one hundred. per fifty-six, secondly, draws extremely low frequency, according to roulette, you bet this at least more than 37 times the rate of return. So, use this method to calculate, if you want to win the lottery, then stabilized, This should be more than your bet winnings of how many times? And, do you have enough energy and events to firmly win this project? Whatever GamblingGame, Must have sufficient capital to the game. If it is baccarat, if you start ten dollars per Note, your principal is at least five times the $ 10, and to the correct strategy, coupled with the good luck to stable win. If you have 5,000 yuan to play baccarat, a bet, you can become with 10,000, it may go bankrupt.

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