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Roulette positions are arranged verses

Visual Rotary table First note down the approximate location of the wheel, here is the song must remember wheel position.

"Roulette verses"

Zero's first single entrenched in, (0)

Lay it on the downstream, (5,10)

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Zero left two hundred sixty-three thirty-five, (26,3,35)

Twelve Nianba seven Eve, (12,28,7,29)

A total of nine left upper number,

Twenty-two eighteen behind, (22,18)

What is the single zero on the right?

Saer Fifteen and nineteen, (32,15,19)

Four twenty two twenty-five pick, (4,21,2,25)

Seventeen Sasi turn left, (17,34)

Sasan a round-sixteen, (24,16,33,1)

Twenty fourteen Sayi IX (20,14,31,9)

Niansan eight thirty the lower right, (23,8,30)

Eleven Saliu follow them, (11, 36)

Thirteen Nianqi last six, (13,27,6)

Enough to win a reunion.

NOTE: twenty (niàn), meaning twenty; thirty (sà), meaning thirty

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