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Ranking points combined analysis of gambling disk type

First, according to the ranking and integral zoning:

Generally divided into:

14: Upstream

49: in the upper reaches

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915: River

1622: Downstream

Second, the rankings and keep the ball in the relationship:

If the home team than the visiting team after ranking on the inner four, allowing the hemisphere. Within 46 the name of difference, can Ping / half. Differential 612 names can be to tie. Within four of the front if the home team than the visiting team rankings, can hemisphere. within the name of the front 48, allowing half / a. front 812 names, available Rangyi Qiu. When the home team ranking on normal strength to get the ball, they generally make the water and high water. When the home team ranking, normal strength to get the ball, it generally makes low water, water.

Third, the relationship between home and away to get the ball:

When away from home, the strength of the disc dropped two levels, such as Chelsea, home to Wigan a ball / ball half, the road would have to drop two levels to the hemisphere / a ball; Florida home to Asco half / one ball, two levels down the road, Ping / half.

Fourth, the latest round Handicap relationship

Such as the two teams are not much change from the teams in this tournament when a recent confrontation Handicap, and round Handicap The relationship is also important. For example Liverpool VS Everton in two months ago to get the ball Handicap is a ball / ball half, but only the opening round of competition hemisphere / a ball, then Liverpool Handicap obviously open a small a.

Team strength be approved by Handicap reasonable, can be more objectively reflect the relationship between the two teams get the ball, but the disadvantage of this method is that if the team is completely relying on the information to analyze the reasonableness of Handicap, is likely to be Some fooled by the surface of things, while ignoring the more information a lot of outside factors and making disposal, it is easy to simply stand in the player's position to analyze the game, thought to be driven by the public.

Therefore, it is necessary to Team strength compared with the village idle phase to analyze the reasonableness of factors Handicap combination.

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