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How to determine the size of five major league ball

Each league has its own special reasons, so the size of the ball, and the odds were different, we try to use those differences to judge distinction.

First, the Bundesliga

Bundesliga with big ball known, so under normal circumstances Handicap are open in the ball big ball low water 2.5 or 2.5 / 3 goals were bilateral water, encountered some good attacking race, three goals were generally open water. If one day look size of the ball to the Bundesliga 2 / 2.5 Goals bilateral all water, then it would have to carefully consider the significantly smaller Handicap.

Second, the English Premier League

Premiership relatively smooth attack, defense is rather poor, so the size of the Bundesliga substantially the same as the odds out.

Third, Serie A, Ligue

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Serie A, Ligue conservative attack, good defense, so under normal circumstances, the French Serie opening size of the ball in 2 / 2.5 goals both bilateral water, this is a reasonable Handicap (excluding the differences between the strength of competition, such as V Lorient Lyon special kind, such as ACV Turin), exclusion of these unequal opening event, under normal circumstances, if the size of the ball Handicap opened slightly lower 2.5 ball big ball of water, we must give due consideration to the big ball.

Fourth, La Liga

La Liga is a nerve knife, half of the team is good at defense, half the team did not like the defense, the Spanish encountered several offensive team like Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​sports competition, etc. Basically, the size of the ball out of nearly three goals, while the opposite other midline team, opening the size of the ball in the 2 / 2.5 goals both bilateral water. So if one day midline team Real Madrid V, size 2.5 ball out of the ball Handicap are water, we must consider the ball, on the contrary, one day two midline support team ball out of 2.5 big ball low water, we must consider the big ball.

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