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A handicap in the lore and more, the tie plate, there are life and death

I do not like to read the tape of a man, always the desire of data and the team's game in the first place, mainly to see the two teams played against record, recent state, and there is no cup, relegation or win power or pressure on the inside, but also bought a lot of the ball, all kinds of bets are also touched, and seen it. I analyze and most studied two Handicap is a handicap and tie plate . (The following is a summary of my nearly 10 years out of Bo ball stuff, definitely recommended blood)

The second half of 2007, when I put 5 big leagues, and that year's Champions League game inside all Rangyi Qiu disc recorded in the book of all, half of the season a total of 86 games, reached the following data: 0: 0 score 13 games, 1: 1 score 20 games, 2: 2 score in seven games, net ball score to win two (2: 0,3: 1,4: 2,0: 2,1: 3, etc.) 28 games let the ball side to win a ball net score (1: 0,2: 1,0: 1,1: 2, etc.) in six games, the transferee winning score in five games, seven games other score.

I will not speak from this data we can see what the inside?Let me talk about making open a handicap what results.First, the dealer received a large number of players of funds on the two plate, one side is on the disc, while the lower plate.Then start the game, then the game makers do not like the result, what is it?It is clear that: let the ball side to win what is called a ball:! Cooked duck fly hand held the money has returned to the players!.Otherwise, the water will eat the money, this result did not eat hair.Remember there are two comment on football last words call:! Shake hands and seal the victory with a ball on the right, but the disk.Either shake hands, or 2: 0 or 3: 1 to seal the victory.Especially when to keep the ball square 1: 0 lead in time, even if the 89 minutes, I will also note the next big ball.Summed up what must be used on, summed up the otherwise white.Yesterday Inter 2: 2 Cagliari, today's Rome 2: 0 in Turin, are perfect for a handicap bookmakers factor created by the referee's Inter draw yesterday, we did not objection to it!?Today in Rome and who knows the first goal 86 minutes?

Now to sum up my data, we can see, the results are the first four score double the number ratio close to 80% will also appear in other score 4: 0,5: 1 Similar double the number of results so I'm responsibly say that the probability of Rangyi Qiu disk double the number of not less than 80%.

Things are not absolute, and I just go Gambling ran a general direction, wrong regrets. So let the ball side to win a ball, often seen at what time? I found to be more than a weekend in the race, I think The reason is that some, perhaps making the other games are Laozu water money, and take a few games so it does not matter so little of the usual game time, there Rangyi Qiu plate, such as today's Roma 2: 0 Turin is not go water! So I make up a single (above)

A handicap in the lore and more, the tie plate, there are life and death

In fact, I still make up early, and then wait odds will be higher, but was worried once again the goal, it can be said that the Roman penalty into the early first 71 minutes, huh, huh. So bowls Such a score, it is the chance that my theory premise: refused to take the water then talk about the tie plate in this context!!

Tie tie plate but not the bookmakers favorite to unpredictable the odd and even, 1: 0,2: 1 are possible, but at the same ball which we can use, such as 0: 1 visiting team leader, I believe at this time In-Play without red card will be the opportunity to open the tie plate is relatively large. So this time we bought the home team to tie or buy the visiting team to tie? My answer is yes, but as the game time goes on more and more affirmative, is this: to continue to support the visiting team goals to achieve the purpose of water does not go, you need the home team scoring 2 goals or more, the visiting team is not scoring or several balls into the can, then I certainly choose the visiting team this direction. ʱ??

So before the game I generally do not choose to let the Asian plate tie plate, optimistic I'll direct buy Win odds about a 2.2 handicap, too, I'll be optimistic on the plate directly on the disc team - 1.5, promising lower plate directly +0.5 footwall team, the odds are considerable. This is what I bought all these years most benefit ball Handicap.

I hesitated for a long time to send this message, it really is my effort. There is life and death tie plate, a ball tray lore and more!

Also, love the league goals such as the Netherlands, Germany, or low level, not easy to say because the big score, parity is more average, like Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, scoring more than a few pieces of the team, a Handicap should be careful as few goals, Greece, A Jia, Iran armor, once a handicap, basic Score:! 0: 0,1: 1,2: 0, you can get a ~

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