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Gamblers NBA Legend: NBA betting millions of dollars in annual revenue

Can sports Betting Powerful community, earn pours very few people. Of course, where there are some "God of Gamblers", the so-called God helps those who help themselves, the profitability of these gambling in addition to good luck than those who, of course, have their own unique Cheats Americans哈瑞拉波斯 - Fojiaruisi (Haralabos Voulgaris) is a good example, he relies on NBA betting $ 4 million annual income.

Annual income of $ 4 million is not a problem!

Fojiaruisi is the leading US "God of Gamblers", in November each year to the second year in June, he watched NBA games every night, every five games, respectively, with 5 TV while playing.In 2013, he told ESPN interview, said, good times, earn 3 million, $ 4 million is not a problem; even when the difference between the year's harvest, the annual income can reach $ 1 million and Fojiaruisi! instead of relying on insider information or other "tricks" to bet he does not blindly pursue different prediction models, but their grasp of statistical knowledge and the combination of basketball knowledge, and sort out the important correlation between these data, Of course, there are bold and cautious when bets.However, these for ordinary people, it would be difficult to understand in the short-term bets Fojiaruisi Cheats.

He contrarian buy the Lakers won a famous battle!

Fojiaruisi for fame in the Beginning 2000 NBA season, he will earn $ 80,000 working all bets Los Angeles Lakers win a championship. One strong contender despite Illustrious team is champion But when the media and most of the fans do not believe they can win. Kobe [# $ ^ & micro-Bo ^ &] wrist injury, west strong opponents like clouds, worse is the last season, the Lakers failed to reach the expected level. only played seven games of the regular season, the odds of winning will be expanded to 1 lose 6.5.

Fojiaruisi saw the opportunity, in this case bets in the Lakers championship, he won $ 520,000 Fojiaruisi said afterwards:!! "I never think how bad the Lakers played, NBA column Reporters and basketball betting who put too much focus on those humble data sample, while ignoring the data and circumstances surrounding a larger environment. Although the Lakers tough race, need to run, will have to face Kobe Bryant's absence, etc., seven games may still get five wins. I've seen a lot before the Lakers game, admired Jackson's coaching approach, we have always believed that the Lakers can play good results. "

NBA betting $ 4 million in annual revenue Cheats?

Fojiaruisi seen almost all of the NBA game, whether it is live or taped, for each team has a concept.He hired several assistants, each player will attack at every game, the defensive formation plotted.He was concerned about the NBA player's twitter, look carefully at every piece of content, trying to find relevant information: Some players said they would go to a nightclub, the player's mind that this is likely to simply not on the court, etc..He is also very concerned about the wording of the coach at a news conference, for example, the team will present a fantastic game for the fans, then there may be implied, the team will accelerate the pace of the game; the coach said the team hopes to learn defense, it may indicate that he wants to slow down the pace of the game.

In addition, further research will be related patterns Fojiaruisi.After long-term observations, such as the end of the season, he noticed that some team match score bets will exceed total score, and it often occurs in the absence of the team a chance to win; when the opponent has no chance to win, the two teams of players likely lax defensive game, "large-scale cooperation"; some players will soon become a free agent, so everything he did was to improve their statistics, trying to attack, manufacture all kinds of opportunities to increase scoring and assists, to make may increase their value, etc..Reference Fojiaruisi these details will combine, from which to extract valuable as a bet.

Most people in the league do not see the shadows, hidden handicap bookmakers and experts (translation: specialized sports events, and bet people) against basketball true wisdom these people eat, their understanding of the game often and those dancing in the spotlight brick home is different.

Haralabos Voulgaris is one of a.His life is, and making their wits, and the fact that he had to rely on a very good day.The majority of income as a charge in the NBA gamblers in minority, he used his bets against the buy Handicap (translation: Move the line - betting Handicap, guests voluntarily sacrifice payout rate in exchange for most points (to their advantage) handicap.) Started the name, sometimes a game that he could net 80 000 US knife.He hired some people set up an information network, to create a statistical database, match prediction model he built even far beyond the NBA teams own use.He has been engaged in this industry for 15 years, interrupted only for a short time period - a few years ago he had left the DU ball industry trying to seek jobs in the NBA.Voulgaris familiar with the NBA game, but he never quiet.In the eve of the playoffs started, he accepted my interview, he said he never told me he bet but he talked a lot about basketball in those teams who, on DU ball, views on life.

Voulgaris at a very young age experience the harm DB, and his father was a gambler, he grew up in a lot of happy memories of the scenes are racecourse. "My father to his own life constantly bet" Voulgaris with I share his childhood, "I think this than direct say he stoop to something nice."

I am also identify with, my own father was also a stoop gambler, my childhood is spent in the racecourse .9 years old, my father taught me the skills actually first learned to read "every Day Racing "(translation: Daily Racing Form, 1894 start publication, one of America's oldest horse racing information newspaper) .Voulgaris father also racetrack side to him," education "," From my father I learned a lot there, things, but most things are scrap wood. "

"I know the only possible victory holding the advantage, I also learned to control their emotions to maintain rational thinking, or another big advantage will not last." Voulgaris paused, "I learned in life Sometimes you have to take the initiative to assume the risk, because sit back and wait for the perfect opportunity will never come is the most dangerous gamble. "

This last point is Voulgaris real lesson to heart after graduating from high school, he was in Manny Bator University (Translation: University of Manitoba, Western Canada's oldest university, is Manitoba's largest university). Primary repair philosophy, while at the same time began to run their own airport handling companies, after two years, he lobbied 70000 knife.

This is the young Voulgaris: all of his $ 70,000 and is a philosophy degree, but he also hand a chance.

This opportunity is the dealer for the 2000 Lakers won 6 out of.Handicap 1: 5.In the league shut down due to shrinking of last season, the Lakers in the second round of the playoffs by the Spurs kill.But Voulgaris hope that they can win this season, he thinks the odds to high (Annotation: overlay, prediction Betting odds guests good for making unfavorable.), So he did everyone will do, the entire net worth invested in this 6.5: 1 on a bet, it is still flourishes ruin to six months after the outcome.After waiting six months, after countless days and nights by the Master to fill his stomach, day after day after day of luggage, in the West behind the Lakers never tiebreak fourth with 17 points after shaking reversal Blazers, The Lakers won the championship, while Voulgaris pocket more than 500 000.

Since then, Voulgaris and his porter career break, began his career DU ball industry, a more than a big gamble, but he's never beyond NBA range antennae basic, not because it is the easiest to bet on the game, on the contrary, His "twoplustwo's Pokercast" (translation: a lot of Poker Website) said: "Basketball is the most difficult DU ball movement, it is difficult to simulate the game, which is only a few people can succeed in NBADU ball Session reason, and this is the reason why I can monopolize the industry."Of course, he also expressed the sport of basketball itself deep affection."In basketball, the players individual performance is often more prominent, the best athletes are playing basketball."When I asked him as a basketball enthusiast idea when he told me," I really love NBA.I love this sport, I love this stadium to play under the gossip, I love these players.I went to the scene watched some games, I like to sit on the sidelines, this is the only one to make sports fans so close to the game.ʱ??

For Voulgaris, he saw from the game something more than the rest of us. When we were betting for their favorite team, or one of us, when gamblers bet score, Voulgaris often "out of level" the bet (Annotation: refers to the Over-under, large / small cap (high / low) - For two teams that can score in the game / total goals were guessing the opportunity to buy a large randomly selected or less than out of scores / ball count), which reflects his game micromanager be born with interest in him almost every game does not fall, even the regular season, every night of the week.

"I love 'low score' play," he told Pokercast: say (Annotation a DB theme TV) "When I was watching the game, like real-time calculation of the odds if I followed out if you really know what you want. Players more sharp offensively, defensively or who both more reliable and good defensive attack are great, there is no time to watch the game than at the level of the game score bet better way. "

But it is to have to invest. "This is more than any kind of play are people nerves. I just started to DU when the ball is always open off the metronome sound small TV." He told me, "the regular season for me It feels like a sharpening process. Many years ago I was on vacation a month a year just because of the regular season is very important for the preparation process. "

Preparation may quicken the work, it is this process of wealth secrets Voulgaris. He relies on huge amounts of data in real time constantly updated forecast model established competition, which asked him to look at a lot of NBA games. "The reason I succeed, just because I put others drink coffee time watching the game, "he said to Pockercast." I look at about 400 games a season, at least 85-90% of the game I will see one to two, and sometimes I carefully observe every Round and defensive possessions Sometimes I just look at both sides of the bit line and the situation. "

I also talked Voulgaris I experienced when, as a gambler, I can be difficult ball every time DU devoted myself to enjoy the wonderful game, because my bet compared to the results of the game, the intense confrontation and downs the process of ups and downs are not so important.And he felt the opposite."I have a game I think very precise understanding of one of the reasons is that when I bet in the game I will force myself to learn from watching the game a lot more stuff."He said," I often between noon to 15:00 the day before the game I think, if I have a profit, then in this game, I found my thoughts at this time would not focus, it will not Remember that so much information.ʱ??

However, this tedious spectator mentality is not static. And the playoffs compared to the regular season for Voulgaris is honed, but he rarely playoff single-game betting, he only entire series interest Handicap race. I asked him, in which case he would be more concerned about is not the performance of the players on the mind and on the results of the competition will be less. He said, "I love the playoffs, because even if I No bet, each team who will be more tired chips higher, the game will be more exciting. "

It seems that one thing is certain, the chances every game for Voulgaris for both a learning opportunity he is learning will develop into a money-making opportunities. "In fact, when I watch the game and not the same as ordinary fans I see more is invisible behind the law court. I am sure I focus on the ball of the details (especially defensively) is far more than those who watch as casual fans. Following this, I It has long been realized that I should be more try to predict how a game the coach arranged the game, rather than to speculate on how he should or can be arranged in tactics. "

He pointed out that the difference between these two is the key. "Many times, I feel a team point of view from the lineup to win, because they have the advantage of inside edge perimeter advantage cheerleaders, etc., but the game is often the opposite. Later I began to understand, when I put the idea on how the team might move in the game and not thinking about what they should be, I embarked on a flower-filled victory of the road. "And this, too positive the cornerstone of the game is to build predictive models.

I also asked Voulgaris had something about him on twoplustow forum's words: "The role of Results prediction database is extremely exaggerated, in predicting the course of the game, people often misunderstand my effort up and down the database, but I had never They corrected.Yes, you do need a lot of data, but these data are used to help you through strict and reasonable assumptions regression model building."Voulgaris Results explained the difference between forecasting and prediction models between databases, it is these differences make NBADU ball were divided into two levels, one is Voulgaris, another level is the other person."I think a lot of people have their own database, they do only" game-winning lineup coefficient × coefficient × coefficient difference back to back ", they collect all data and information relating to, but these are mostly useless useful information.ʱ??

Voulgaris do will be different. He based on data in the database using their own established 'a given team's lineup behavior prediction models' simulation results of the competition. His models and databases are priceless, he spent millions dollars and countless days and nights to complete the development of them, even more than most NBA teams invest in the game analysis to be large, and his investment in exchange for greater benefits.

His success attracted some NBA management personnel have humbly come to him for advice, he began to give some guys under contract with the team to do consulting.He told Pokercast said, "For them, I'm sources of information, and they want my information sources.I was a money-losing long-term employment of the sale, they want to just 'We want to set out from the mouth of the guy we want as quickly as possible'."And all of this in secret, because DU ball in the NBA is still sensitive area, a gambler like Voulgaris NBA painstaking efforts for pure and healthy image is a very corrosive effect.And understand the market's source told him that if he gave DU ball, so he left his lifelong dream is not far away - do an NBA GMs.

Imagine a young bigger but more savvy Haralabos Voulgaris it: He has a million US knife, priceless powerful analytical tools and first-class mind Oh, yes, now this opportunity again in his hands.

When he found that enough to lure him to leave the DB, but far more opportunity to make money handling company at the airport open, he made a normal IQ of people will decide to do. He retired gambling circles, to give the millions of potential , and the NBA team signed a consultancy contract, and the team began to regularly meet, that two years later he seemed to find their dream job, despite which he lost part of income DU ball.

However, he and the fate of the job will stop here."After all of my adult life roles is a gambler, and now, I started to like him."Two years after leaving the gambling world, he is back this season.He and NBA management work experience left a deep impression, NBA's administrative work is a piece of the retired players, coaches, and those behind layers of relations with "hard work" of people consisting of large networks (translator Tucao: This is the NBA for years ahead ......).NBA employing principles of management and meritocracy completely irrelevant, they see is who you know, not in the end you know anything about basketball (Translator Tucao: Is this the reason for New York's Isiah Thomas criterion of long-term ... ʱ??.This very idea of ​​self-confidence but lack of patience Voulgaris is not a good thing, he is difficult to integrate these management, it is difficult to let others noticed his voice.For basketball subjective, his recommendation is only a suggestion only, they are not really interested in.The water is so deep job.

This is vocational DU ball far from the world's. "Here, everything is so simple, you can because you the right to judge, day after day, week after week was rewarded, profit or loss is the sole criterion score, while I put the money bet on an idea I can always get wrong when clear feedback, I really miss that feeling. When you put your money betting on their own judgment, you will not be whole whimsical a day. "

"In life, I find it difficult to honestly face their own mistakes, easy way to say 'I'm the wrong guy.' But when you lose because of an error when the real money, you will not also so fooling the On DU ball, I often think thoughtful draw some practical results have proven the theory will only make me lose money or method, I'll admit that these theories is absolutely wrong, it's that simple. "

As Voulgaris said, "The best team always good adjustment, and worse teams always almost the furnace."Whether in life or basketball are so.He also admitted that luck in the NBA's success is also very crucial factor (such as the year in Seattle instead of holding a second pick lottery, but it is therefore came to pick Durant instead of Oden).But as with life, you still need to make some right decisions to ensure the full use of these opportunities given to you luck."For example, the knight, who was lucky to pick LeBron but they still did not win," he said."Some teams in the change of tactics is always one step ahead, between the really good teams and not so good the team is often so little difference.ʱ??

In Voulgaris eyes, to adjust a variety of change is the task of coaching. "Coaching in the NBA is definitely played a pivotal role," Voulgaris to Thibodeau, for example, said. "His defense system, especially high screen play crack, to some team brought no small trouble. But the black team is good at adjusting to a much better team than those one way to go. "

I do not know the NBA coach is not really as he said the game has so much influence. I remind Voulgaris, D'Antoni evaluation of their work is the ability to believe that players in the game, I also mentioned the Hornets with the Lakers series the first race of the scene, pause tactical layout CP3 sidelines telling everyone what to do .Voulgaris they think it is not in contradiction with his statement, "People often overlook the pitch and field tactical training and coaching before difference prepared. Even coaches in the game which put control of all players on the field or to the ace point guard, he still will do a good job training the team's playbook. "

Similarly, bad coach for the game in terms of personal preferences and a bad pit father as coach. "The NBA is now a high screen and threes in the world, but there are still treated like Larry Brown poison such a wide berth for pointers coach the best team in the league overall always-third of those with a strong ability to hold their own three-point line while the team. "

Voulgaris Larry Brown's tactics may be dismissive, but still admire his courage have added.In times like Voulgaris has been verified championship behind forecast, there is some basis for his common sense opposite to those of reverse thinking.In his view, those who tend to have a great sense of risk, and this is a successful strategy hinder you adjust the stumbling block."I think a lot of coaches make decisions are how to keep their jobs from starting."He explains, they always want to find an optimal solution in this strategy that can guarantee greater chance of winning, but also to the failure of the posterior left foot.They prefer less win a few games, but also in ensuring lose the game when not fall too badly.

"Simply put, most people like to go with the flow.When the NFL celebrated Patriots game against Indianapolis Colts offensive in fourth gear when using DB-style play (translation: the fourth tranche of attack, a team round of the American olive fourth gear chance to attack specific touch ...... Look here, I do not know, for the time being understood as the end of the game to allow him to go behind the two-thirds vote timeshare lore such), just can be used to illustrate this point.Patriot in the game tactics in terms of statistics or policy point of view is entirely correct, but they are still in this time lost the bet, and then by the full negative media.Few coaches dare to take risks so big one last bet lost the bet still keep their jobs, so most coaches choose for their jobs safer moderation or conservative tactics.ʱ??

Voulgaris but it has to bear the risk of lung.More often, he is a high risk in exchange for high returns, of course, sometimes he would fall into the left half of the variance (translation: the victim of variance, according to the definition of variance in this case is lower than the average that party is that party lose money, usually in the left of the number on the left axis is lower than average, it has been written for brevity variance left half).In variance poker fame, that party if he accidentally became everyone will lose money be attributed to insufficient RP.And in the DU ball far not so simple when he lost time, mostly because of what someone did unconventional things, changed their style of play and adapt to the opponent's style of play so that the model fails."Orlando beat Cleveland advance to the finals that year, I was pretty sure that the knight to win in this series, and down some note.Later, although I lost, but I still enjoy the wonderful tactical coach Orlando.Gambled course, very sick, but this does not interfere with my love for the playoffs, as always,.ʱ??

DU has a great difference between a ball and poker.Voulgaris game so well versed on the road, in predicting the behavior of the team rather than to the team effort under the terms Weapon more people than anyone else, even the wrong thing is to let people surprise.His errors are often costly, but he did not, as in the table berserk.On the one hand, he knew that for the game to change tactics have a lot to learn, but failed to provide him with a lot of new information.As a gambler, he has been keeping progress.On the other hand, this is sports leagues NBA, the world's most entertaining.At least you know if even Voulgaris have lost the bet, then someone must have made the game what moves Guards.As a fan, he has fun.

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