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Bo ball must see - Europe Handicap look flat share experiences

I take the European plate, and is to take the digital route, possibly with some of the European plate we still have a qualitatively different. I play in Europe in order to combat the main dish, and some European plate everyone is theory-based. I play Baan European plate I called a digital European plate, to those who see the European plate theory among inclusion of a lot of players in Europe, called the theory of plate. Digital European plate and the European plate theory, would be delighted little entirely different flavor.

See European plate for several years, pursuing a Mongolian word-based route. Mongolia for a long time, and also found some small tips of these days, constantly I asked someone in the flat is how to look out for, I do not everything he knows, to share with you the experience of flat to see it:

First, see how the draw

A dish out, can see nothing but flat there are several, one is lost in this column Handicap Zhongping obvious level compensation data (I will not elaborate on this, after all that much more of the lower WW, I bet on the direction of the impact), the level is much higher than the general to lose 3 also safe; the second level compensation data is vague, it is difficult to judge, it is necessary to determine the overall trend, such as Tottenham is today Thus, no 3, no 0 only 1 one way; third, chaotic boxing killed old master, that is, 310 Handicap data are unclear, this level is purely out of Mongolia, this dish every day There are many.Recognize the existence of the three-level compensation form, at least to give us to bring the convenience of direct, which is able to grasp the level, which level is to grasp the invisible, which can not see the flat (which is 31 are There may also be out of the 3 disc 1), for the next judge Handicap gives clear direction;

Second, Handicap determine whether the level of compensation after data

I like to chat with friends a few days ago when the said content, there are flat on the last one, not flat on the last 30. Here, there is no flat flat view is completely different, there is a content level above 1, It has a flat with no level is completely different data exists, where there is a, is a dish that some Gaming company He said there is flat, while others say it is not flat so big headache problem.For example, a plate, William Hill said that this disk data gives no flat, and give data SNAI said this disk has flat, this contradiction can only give you a double disc selected and no other options.Of course, this situation is rare, in general the market is not willing to squeeze each other so old.The normal situation is that if the market is given a flat no data, additional disk to give a few very scattered data tell you this dish has no flat, you can 30 such information, such as today's West Ham United VS Everton is 30, obviously not flat.(This is not to put hindsight, this is the real thing, of course you do not believe it equal to 0 a);

Third, determine how to choose a flat rear

This depends on a comprehensive opinion Handicap given, determine the level not determine one disc, the disc may be determined after a few together to come to this conclusion, and also consider other factors, such as the views of the whole disk and direction, in order to obtain a comprehensive post is a single or double election, the judgment process is particularly important, is not the only one to judge a single key, such as the disc is a 01, shot 1 may account for 50% of the possibilities, 0 hit also accounted for a 50% probability, if your data tell you this one have a 90% chance, you can separate the upper 1.Obviously, this depends on a single 1 Handicap given level compensation data is not quite clear, if not clear, there are two kinds of possibilities, one still will be a flat, a possibility of this flat is illusion, but in reality is the other result.

After the above steps, you come to this step by step, if there is flat, this flat is the first of several choices, if not flat, it may take any direction from the Handicap, you'll find the essence of this point Handicap As a result, and the result is precisely the result of the game play is the same, so you will hit the jackpot.

Winning is so simple to grasp the pulse of the betting company, dance with the bookmaker.

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