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In the context of sports betting, why someone would always vowed at the start, but lost the final of the mess?

Recently the stock market is very hot, a lot of "novice" have invested in stocks, what are the results? Do not know. And this in every scene Sports Betting Betting, all things seem to be commonplace one hot, eligible for super bullish, but the result was surprising that the author can not help but think of a question is: In the context of sports betting, why will always be someone at the start promises, final but lost in the mess?

Exclusive connection famous writer settled in the United States Gaming company bet365 former employee Jason Jiang, listen to his explanation.

Interviewer: Why do always feel Handicap very "scary" such as NBA games Handicap, often winning hand in the make of 0.5 points??

Jason Jiang: We are involved Sports Betting, Often have such a feeling: Handicap very accurate, often sent it 0.5 points In fact, this is a "psychological illusion reinforced" If you bet the game more, then the emergence of competition on the deviation of 0.5 points. more and more; these matches deviation of 0.5 points in your mind is strengthened, either won strengthened, more often lose the game be strengthened, so we always felt was very Makers Handicap standards. In fact, making very accurate match only occasionally, it just had a "heart to strengthen the illusion."

A similar situation in the stock market is also not uncommon recommended recently hot stock market, the god of heaven and the brightest, the recommended stocks are quasi-ah, why? Now just push, push 10 stocks of the total energy in 4,5, and then he constantly strengthen this 4,5 stock, over time, investors will be brainwashed him, that this great God is good. In fact, if you put him in the recommended stocks are recorded, you will find nothing but strength.

Interviewer: Why gambling, often someone will just start promises, eventually lost in the mess?

Jason Jiang: This would be a return to psychological factors this topic, one of the problems involved is the "winning or losing mentality" specific to the individual case, everyone involved is probably already have experience of winning especially when excited, but special reason,. To worry about the luck coming to an end, the more win, the more cautious, fearing the risk. Instead, once lost, the more to lose, the more psychological imbalance, the more stakes increase, the result is more bad luck happens. Also The situation also occurs in stock market investments.

People are likely to be "negative emotions" enhanced. Win, positive factors play a role in the brain, people will feel excited, dopamine make you happy, but people thought or care, so the risk of psychological prompts people to control risk. On the contrary, once lost, dominant negative emotions, the mood will be more irritable, feel lousy, then backs against the wall of the emotions will appear. In other words, the number of times to win more, but also arrived, but a result of "negative emotions" overwhelmed by the blow, and then there will be "all in" (author note: All bets clearance), the course winning or losing is half and half, the majority of people are therefore gambled.

Interviewer: What do you think gambling enduring reason?

Jason Jiang: SQ betting industry and is the world's oldest profession, no one would SQ was ranked first in the industry, the betting industry in second place, then I say that the betting industry is the world's second oldest. industry. Gaming is a random uncertainty Game, Match or,Baccarat Worth mentioning, mahjong, Pai Gow,Poker And so on, each game is fresh, each result is uncertain, it is the result of the desire for the unknown, to make DB industry focused, human curiosity and desire just gave birth to DB The enduring industry.

Interviewer: Do you have any good suggestions allow punters to remain calm?

Jason Jiang: to say how to solve the problem is very simple, Stay away from them, that is, away, away from short-term leave or that these scenes, scenes, situations, generally only need half an hour, people will calm down and re-do. the most correct decision. (Wu Junhao interview / Jason Jiang oral)

About the Author: Jason Jiang, he graduated from the Department of Finance of Renmin University of China, after the London School of Economics to get financial master's degree, in 2002 began to pay attention and participate in betfair betting Britain during reading practice, worked bet365 Asian market after graduation. Promotion Department and the odds Pricing two departments, is now living the United States.

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