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What sports betting in the Asian plate is? What are the odds?

What is Asian Handicap?

For novice players, or players who never contacted betting, Asian Handicap is a very strange concept, to understand the Asian plate, we first have to talk from Handicap.

What is a Handicap?

Handicap is the so-called Gaming company Experience the game to open up the gap between the two sides of a reference. For example, said, a high school and a primary fight, high school students need to let his hands be possible to win, and high school students to get out of this, "do not use two hands rights "is equivalent to the strength of poor.Sports Betting Handicap is mentioned in both the strength of poor performance.

Here we have a concrete example to illustrate:

If La Liga leaders Real Madrid at home to newly promoted Levante game, general sports fans know that Real Madrid is much greater chance of winning, but the score is 90 minutes of football, so teams can not indefinitely put a underdog beat, so the gaming company to open a representative of a variety of factors both the strength of the game poor figures, this number is called Handicap.

eg: Real Madrid 2 (two goals) Levante

For example this inequality, -2 is equivalent to the game Handicap Asian handicap, which is the home team Real Madrid to let the visiting team Levante 2 ball meaning.

If the final result of the game Real Madrid win by the visiting team two goals, then the game is equal to the deck, all bets will be refunded to the principal players;

If the final result of the game Real Madrid win by 2 goals or more away team, then the game is equal to Real Madrid Win, all bets are Real Madrid win the chips;

If the final result of the game is less than 2 Real Madrid to win the visiting team the ball, then the game is equal to Levante Win, all bets visiting team Levante chips are to win.

Handicap basic elements:

1. What is the handicap?

Handicap is one of the sub-disc, referring to within the statutory time, making for the two teams fired Handicap, in order to achieve the ideal balance of power through a third party point of reference.

2. Handicap of three components

Handicap generally consists of two contestants (blue box), Handicap (red box) and water (green box) components.

Handicap three components

3. What is the level?

The water level is in fact the case under reference summary judgment against both the probability of winning or the size of the goals see figure below:

Handicap three components

4. What is the upper and lower plate? What is the size of the disk?

Handicap party is often referred to on the disc, so the ball's party is often referred to on the disc.

For example, Manchester United -1 Blackburn, then stronger and let Manchester United Blackburn called a ball on the disc, Blackburn called the footwall.

Typically, the plate is represented as - such as Manchester United -1 footwall expressed as +, such as Blackburn +1.

Size plate usually has a large ball and small ball disc tray, when the two sides contest the final result is greater than the sum Handicap known as the big ball, the two sides together when the end result is less than the odds called small ball.

For example, the size of Manchester United and Blackburn ball Handicap 2.5 goals.

If the final score for Manchester United 2: 1, then the two sides together more than 2.5 goals, known as the big ball;

Added to the final score for Manchester United 1: 1, then the two sides together drizzle scored 2.5, known as the small ball.

5. The common way of winning or losing bets and computing

Handicap Digital Handicap Explanation Examples Handicap Suppose score Determine winners and losers
Tie 0 Kaiping both sides, the probability of winning as big as the two sides, who will win Win, tie then the deck. On the plate Manchester United - Manchester United 1: 0 Odds Win
Handicap 0 Manchester United 0: 0 The deck
Footwall Chelsea + Manchester United 0: 1 At Odds Win
Tie / hemisphere 0 / 0.5 1. Who Who Win win; 2. usually fight, win half of the disc, the next disc lose half On the plate Manchester United - Manchester United 1: 0 Odds Win
Handicap 0.25 Manchester United 0: 0 Manchester United lose half
Footwall Chelsea + Chelsea win half
Hemisphere 0.5 1. Who Who Win win; 2. tie, then the footwall Win; 3. Win footwall win footwall. On the plate Manchester United - Manchester United 1: 0 Odds Win
Handicap 0.5 Manchester United 0: 0 At Odds Win
Footwall Chelsea + Manchester United 0: 1 At Odds Win
Hemisphere / a ball 0.5 / 1 1. The margin of a ball on the disc, the disc won half; 2 margin on the disc 2 goals or more; win all of the disk; 3. The Parties tie or win if the footwall Win footwall. On the plate Manchester United - Manchester United 1: 0 Win half on the plate
Handicap 0.75 Manchester United 2: 0 On the plate all win
Footwall Chelsea + Manchester United 0: 0 Footwall all win
A ball 1 1. The margin of a ball on the disc, take the disc; 2. on the disc margin of two goals or more; win all of the disk; 3. The Parties tie or win if the footwall Win footwall. On the plate Manchester United - Manchester United 1: 0 The deck
Handicap 1 Manchester United 2: 0 On the plate all win
Footwall Chelsea + Manchester United 0: 0 Footwall all win

6. What is the deck?

Under normal circumstances, the tie plate, a ball plate, disk, etc. even Handicap two goals, the two sides tie on the plate margin of a ball or two balls in the case next time be treated and office, this time there is no separation of the upper and lower plate wins negative, becoming the deck.

7. What is the l plate, drop plate?

Asian plate floated up a Handicap, called rose plate.Floating down a handicap is called the lower plate.For example, Manchester United from the initial rise to Qiuban Qiuban disc / two goals, an increase of a handicap is the rise disk; and when Manchester United from the original disc into a ball half a ball / ball half, Qiuban to a ball / ball half decline was a drop plate Handicap.Asian plate produces lift and Europe lose Handicap odds lift Similarly, are affected by the change and information factors betting under.In Asian Handicap Handicap lift is a very common thing, sometimes Handicap floating back and forth, these are the dealer in case of adjustments made according to betting action.If a game does not float Handicap, indicating the number of chips bet two teams broadly balanced, while the odds change back and forth repeatedly, indicating that changes in betting big money, especially shortly before race Handicap severe shock resistance changes often precedes outside capital tends to contest fierce competition, this time the player can no longer according to conventional thinking to analyze game.

Handicap by three stages Bet

From the perspective of the Asian plate by injection can be divided into three stages

1, Chupan stage

This phase refers to the former official Handicap by injection. This stage is Handicap Handicap in front of the players did not enter the capital, making the two warring sides in accordance with the basic conditions given. The more technical phase Handicap, which is relatively to reflect differences in strength against the two sides, this time Handicap and the premium has not been the impact of investment funds, is prepared in advance by the dealer.

2, the disk stage

The disc is called gaming companies have begun to accept the players bet, but about 5-10 hours before the start of the race distance at this stage there is a period of time, generally in.The stage for the dealer and players is a wait stage.At this time, Handicap and the water level began to change Although, it usually does not change significantly.And once in the disk phase Handicap and frequent changes in water level, then the dealer of the game has made a basic judgment.In my experience, usually in the afternoon of the game 15 -18 points during those odds have begun to repeatedly change, such as the formation of a stable Handicap and the water level in the disk phase, phase spot after repeated shocks, in When finalized once the odds and returned to the water level in the disk formed the Handicap will be very close to the dealer's true attitude.In a move that a person instance, the author has analyzed the 08 season 9 Champions League group stage Handicap, it was around 16:00 pm, from the early morning start as well as more than 10 hours.According to the author at the time of the Handicap and the water level after nine games have made the analysis that the conclusions based on an analysis of 200 yuan to buy a nine tricks (9 string 1), the next morning even surprised to find all the hits, received nearly 450-fold return.Of course I do not deny that there is a big element of luck here, but also verify the disk stage Handicap possess reference value.After fupan found that nine games of the end game, and the plate stage both are surprisingly consistent Handicap.About disk analysis method, the subsequent part of the book will have a more detailed description.

3, the peak to adjourn stage bets (spot on the disk)

Spot stage is generally from 2-3 hours before the start of the race, at this stage the odds often dramatic changes, the change is due to changes made by the passive change initiative and making solicitation Notes due cause, how to distinguish between the two is that the nature of change focus stage is the key to investment success of players.Here, making the usual approach is to use the premium and precipitation, rose plate and the lower plate and other technical means, or the ratio of balance bets or to gamble with the players, is the decisive moment Zhuang busy contest.Handicap and the water level in front of the reasons mentioned changes, the dealer and precipitation by change disk to reduce business risk, so in the end what circumstances will cause changes in the odds and level it?Handicap and the water level changes after the players and the dealer and what it means?

Under normal circumstances Handicap and water level changes in the promoter is the player's betting tendencies, and the dealer was executor of this change. And sometimes the dealer is in the game before the game to know some information, and take the initiative to take the means to make the disc mouth and water level changes, thereby luring players to win the dealer does not optimistic about the direction of betting, the dealer's profitability in order to achieve the purpose Thus, changes in the odds and the water level will produce in the following situations:

Three cases and changes in water level caused by Handicap

In the first case, usually about two hours before the peak of the stage is by injection of a game.If the disc is still in the stage of high water condition in making the disc really think win premise, when they found excessive bets on the disc, the disc once to win the dealer will suffer no small loss.To avoid losses, the dealer will take the lower plate and low water by injection methods.This can play a double-edged sword effect occurs first after-hours drop, makes a number of middle and senior level astute players played on the disc confidence shaken, turned to throw money down the pan, played a role in the balance of funds; Second, after-hours drop low water by injection, but also reduces the disk after winning the price paid.Regardless of the final results of the competition, the dealer is the biggest winner.

The second case, in some unequal competition, the team will naturally be on the disc player by the public attention, has become more sensitive to side.At this point most worried about is making the disc overheating win brought huge debts, so we must do everything possible to create obstacles on the plate.The most direct and effective way which is to be completed by l plate.Specific performance is to put Handicap raise one to two, increasing the difficulty on the plate Win, sometimes very ridiculous given the ultra-high water level.This effect can play, most players will quit generate ideas that win more balls on the disc will be difficult, instead of the funds have injected into the footwall.Then, the dealer has been judged on the plate victorious, and in order to attract more players to buy on the disk, will give a cheap tray at Chupan stage, it has attracted some of the funds later, before the peak of the spot Handicap elevation on the plate, so that players feel the dealer at the plate to create obstacles blocking capital injection, but wrong on the plate greater confidence, leading to more funds into the plate, forming a pattern of one-sided.Many teams were upset game are also happened in this case.

The third case, when the water level has been in a steady state, a different level represent different attitudes bookmakers.For example, the water level on the plate has been in a state of high water, until the spot has not changed anything, it shows that the direction has not been much impact on the funds, that is, the public has not optimistic about the players on the disc play.If at this time the dealer level in default of such attitudes, that the water level and the odds do not make any adjustments, then the dealer may have two motives: First, the amount of small bets on the plate, should be concerned about not getting more teams the possibility of multiple bet amount on the plate is not hot is playing great.Second, the upper and lower plate bets funds have to strike a balance, the dealer does not have to worry about any party may bring payment hit loss.In such cases a higher level on the disc is very risky, because the party would have a strong underwater posted higher volume and lower plate bets essentially flat, then including the dealer, players and some professional betting big on the plate is not optimistic , so many draws and losing on the disc are produced in this case.Another example is on the disk has been in the water status, the players psychologically, water is often the most popular because of the high water Handicap risk, low return Handicap too little water, the water is more cost-effective, moderate return, risk smaller.This handicap players tend to be the public good, is bound to be a lot of money into.If the dealer has a default this Handicap water level, the player must be careful on the plate by injection has become the favorite, and the dealer has turned a deaf ear to clear the banker is not to ignore this will give players the possibility of huge gains to become a reality, then the next disc will be a great chance to win, the dealer does not worry about the players took to the plate.Look at the low water level has been the same, the great advantage of low water level tray, higher competition concerns if the disc has remained low water, then the dealer deliberately show his good will attract players bet on the disc, the next disc played It will be a great opportunity.For some of the concerns of small-scale events is not high on the plate low water, more cases are making to reduce the payment of consideration, this time on the disc bigger chance.

Handicap changes in three stages

Handicap first change is generally mastered the two teams played exactly the squad, the starting lineup, after the offensive and defensive formation, gaming companies will make a rigorous technical analysis based on the information, but from the perspective of the team competition ahead of itself to make a judgment. The second change is to be made based on the distribution of funds betting teams adjustments. The final change is often best reflect the true intentions of the dealer, a number of gaming companies at this time and the players will play the "psychological warfare "At this point the odds and level unpredictable, elusive, particularly in Macau disc represented strange practices of its Trader, compared favorably with those of European companies.

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