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Sports betting: take you into the professional gamblers in the world.

Game to begin, venue diehard already seated, working with colleague issued a roar; OTC fans put radio to "live commentary ball" program, aching fingers nervously.

Bar, staring at the projection Han dry under a large glass full of beer, trying to calm the mood; the computer, otaku exceptionally focused, from the Internet to track the game dynamic.

This is all kinds of fans, every weekend, they ridicule, unconscionable until the end of 90 minutes of stoppage time will end the moment quickly divided into two groups: race winner celebrating, party failed bitterly. If the aftermath of a major tournament, ultimately, excited or sad to see the tears face.

Whether Shengping Fu, fans can always release themselves in the hustle and bustle of the game. For them, the team performance, results and even the referee whistled for all life can not shirk.

Well, those above pure nonsense. On Monday, we still have to wake up the brick work and submit a report to the boss, struggling to make ends meet, the mortgage bank money back hands. Only use the work space of a moment to recall the passion instant game. However, another small group of people, the game is far more than a weekend, football is the life.

Do not misunderstand, I'm not saying they are a matter of life and death of football, but if the team performance, results or not as they wish the referee whistled, the whole family lives of these people will be directly affected and they will repay the loan, Holidays had subsequently canceled - this group I have described is not a professional player or uniform group, their name is called occupation gamblers.

Bet for the game is their full-time jobs through the job ahead of probability really is not high: according to the number of bits of interviews gamblers to infer, select the "occupation" of people gambling can rely on only about 3% of the gambling skills to maintain life.

There is no doubt that occupation is a group of gamblers living in the shadow of paranoia, he never disclosed to outsiders or the income of their own way is the lifeblood of the world known as the "advantage (the edge)" -. Those values ​​daughter, can Simply ignoring the odds gamblers fine micro # $ ^ & ^ & information letter only after the master these information, betting who was willing to bet their hard-earned money for the race.

Want to get the advantage you have assiduously, even bloodshot eyes expense. Most professional gamblers will spend a lot of time and money to build a statistical model. Also some people will spend big bucks, and hired several analysts on statisticians to design a set of extremely complex algorithms. top gambling industry who can attract big investors to favor the latter as the former can readily inject millions of pounds, in order to get enough high returns.

Nicknamed "lizard" Tony - Broome legendary gambling sector, to facilitate his work indistinguishable described above Broome widely respected in the industry, he operated Lizard Star, men have one vote football game analyst. , specialized services in his wealthy clients. assets reportedly Broome reached more than 1 billion pounds, he or upgrade British crown Popular Brighton club owner.

Gambling in Britain is a legitimate activity

Australia look serious Aberdeen Scott - Ferguson in the betting industry for 16 years, and he had to DB for the industry, he said, it is unusual play Bloom comparable.

"This work is really no passion you every day sitting in front of a broken computer, tinker on seven, eight hours, not the slightest contact with the outside world. You are not able to see my family, not to mention friends. Bloom hired a large number of people to back him to do these things, lizards Star is the perfect combination of gamblers and capital but ordinary gamblers can only work to drain yourself crazy, confused and do not see hope. "

Occupational gambling gives gamblers a unique opportunity to use their wisdom and statistics challenge the dealer, incidentally, wrestle with their own subjective feelings about it. They will resolutely grim and doing analysis, not the same as the amateurs Because "A team has a two goods fullback and B team winger who burst who see" this message roadside betting agency.

These people are actually geeks range of children and their survival depends entirely on the mastery of the laws of the market, and these rules generally serve to hedge funds or dealer. Complex formula is their meals, statistical data Their .442 dessert snack variation pattern formation or the coach has "lost control of the locker room," the rumors are not within their field of vision.

To participate in gambling have to have sufficient capital reserves. If you want to earn an average annual income of 26,500 British pounds, your account probably have to prepare on £ 150,000. This is because, for most gamblers, the ROI can reach up to 3-4 points. The larger your bet, win more. invested one million pounds more than a few gamblers a season, a lot of people just to Newcastle United against Crystal Palace can be under such an unusual game Note 5 pounds.

Broome to the identity of the President unveiled Brighton

Gamblers can bet to the major leagues around the world, they will not be thrown into the mainstream chips Gaming company- They can not afford that kind of generous Asian betting community is their main battlefield here, free to a Premier League game of betting turnover can reach 120 million pounds...

Asian betting market 90% of the inflows of Handicap Under this rule, the game against the party would get "upper hand" in the hemisphere before the start of the transferee. The rest of the funds are flowing into the size of the ball or disc Among quiz score.

Because of the past history of black, Asian betting industry reputation is not very good in fact. Some years ago, if gamblers want on the Jakarta Office in Hanoi or the next note, the password must be obtained in advance before entering a string, and the dealer are often will Casino Kara OK hall located in the warehouse being in the Malaysian jungle club, a dealer who will install a huge satellite TV pot, receiving a football game signals worldwide.

Sunderland Betting near a small blackboard, marking quizzes and score the first goal scorer various combinations Odds

Today, gambling bookmakers have long been relegated, moved into the light and spacious office, opened the official website of the service center and 24-hour voice so that gamblers can bet at any time. Today's well-known betting company Pinnacle, IBC Bet and SBO Bet ( West Ham chest advertising sponsors), are from the past evolved big bookmakers.

In the United Kingdom, gamblers who like to start using Betfair betting trading system, the two served as banker to other retail out odds. Generally speaking, in a televised Premier League match can receive £ 2000 more bets.

As mentioned above, the money earned is so. Let us look at those professional gamblers outstanding bar. They can lose 3 pounds a bet, and some people have been pulled into the blacklist bookmaker. They never care who signed the bar of God, and sometimes do not even see the ball.

Lizard legend

In the fall of Camden Town street (filled with a variety of food stalls, leather goods line and a tattoo parlor students paradise) Minghuan Iceworks nearby stands a small building, with its low-key temperament name is really very dissonant.

The whole building use reflective glass windows, no one can get a glimpse of the inside of the case. There is no company name on the door, nor any tips on building the business. In fact, even people who work in the building, nor It will reveal anything at.

Premier League Stoke City team sponsored by Bet365 company

Iceworks lizard is Broome Star (Star LIzard) location of the company. According to the company's official website saying they are a "professional advisory body, to provide Sports Betting Aspects of services. "In short, lizards Star specializes in the outcome of a football match, and the number of investors millions of dollars to spread among the Asian plate.

Business lizard make Bloom became a star of the most successful professional gamblers. The total of his assets is unknown, because he never had any rich list ranking. But the people around said, Broome's net worth is estimated to reach more than 1 billion pounds.

Compared with the anecdotal, there are more empirical can be used to illustrate the real situation of Broome thick.

In 2009 he bought the club in Brighton, and determined the team into the Premier League. Benefit from his investment in the construction of a Brighton £ 96 million worth of American Express Community Stadium. When accept the "Times" interview, Asked who he spent at the club has reached the 100 million pounds, his answer is "probably not stop it."

And now, with interest-free loans and equity transfer as the main form, Broome investment club probably close to 200 million. Brighton fans will be what he called "fans of the world's people," and his funds from He came a lot of discussions. Although many of his business at hand, a person sitting on 15 trading vessels, but he injected funds for the club is still possible in part from lizards star.

Australia is playing Poker Broome

Bloom, 44, graduated from the Department of Mathematics, University of Manchester, but his true love is definitely the DB. Since childhood, he likes to spend time on Brighton West slot machine maker. When he graduated from college, he began occupation gamblers career, until boarded the pinnacle of life.

Initially, he was a trader in the city of gambling, but then they left, went to Thailand as a staff member of the British bookmaker Victor Chandler in Bangkok, where he learned about the Asian gambling comprehensive internal doorway, after they live on their own , set up his own betting company Premierbet. 2005, he was 100 pounds in order to sell the company.

During this period, because at the roulette ruthless style, he has won the "lizard" name. Only by the "gambling with play", he would have accounted for two million pounds. Today, he will make time to watch special cloth Leiden home games, as well as go to Australia to play poker.

"Poker can improve many of your basic skills, including observation of the overall situation, reading people's psychology, and make decisions in the tangle." In 2011, in an interview in his few, Bloom says, "these capabilities in When doing business all need it, when you run the team as well.

Bloom had refused an interview this site, and his experience occupational DB "industry" (if they can be regarded as a profession of it) a true portrayal of the development and changes in 2001, betting duty was canceled, the network DB ascendant, so those mathematics foundation amazing trading experience rich and smart gamblers know the ball has gone professional opportunities. Of course, but among Broome Dragon, called the DB industry godfather.

Lizard Star company only accepts those first injection can reach 200 pounds or more clients, while handling their money is only a very small number of staff Iceworks know.

A betting industry insiders got a lot of messages from his friends at Star's lizard, he said:

Lizard Star company's official website

"They hired mathematicians to design algorithms, the staff there are still statisticians, game analysts and professional traders. However, in operation, the adjacent two can not know what the other is doing, because they do not want to take risks. Only 3 to 4 people can have all the data and decide how to bet. If I were their statistical staff, I knew there could not be this week what our next team. "

"No more to their employees, who will be individually analyzed each team. All you can think of indicators are within the scope of their statistics. According to these indicators, programmers will be calculated by each team should bet Amount Each put their inputs are six-figure start. "

The insiders said that even investors also "can not know the specific investment plan information," it sounds strange. "I've heard the reasons is that they earn too much, so you do not want outsiders to know the specific income and profit flow. This is not the truth? I know where their little secret. "

"No one will tell what happens inside, the staff are not allowed to open betting accounts, nor can have Twitter account. But Tony for each of them are particularly very good. In the restaurant, you get to eat what point. Every year he would put all their employees and the other half received on board the yacht Hi skin is only one rule: the wallet and passport into the safe. "

In the name of Blue Star lizard lizard consulting company transactions, registered office is located in Brighton, net assets they announced that 3.4 million pounds, which is roughly equivalent to the Premier League just three weeks of their total bets.


If you are called boffin (translation: English slang, means researchers, including minor derogatory, see (American English corresponding brainiac), many people would fly into a rage, but Will - Oscar Wilde for this call is incomparable enjoyment.

"Yes, I think I am (called boffin) very proud." He was very truthfully say, "Why not? A lot of people ask me, 'Are you watching it all the time?' Ah, I really Look every week, but I Kan Bukan ball and my work is no relationship, only the algorithm is decisive. "

Wilde is tax-free betting consortium Fidens brain, if he likened the next Tony - Broome, then Fidens lizard is the next star of "Our goal is to reach 10 years after their size." Wilde representation only. 26 years old, he called the new generation of leaders.

Wilde is also a mathematics graduate, six years ago joined Fidens. His primary responsibility is to design algorithms to evolve a large volume of data into a set of soccer betting profit formula. Against his contribution, Fidens now operates 200 pounds of funds of 29 league betting worldwide.

"The average amount per bet we are about 1 million pounds to complete the 3000 pen such bets a year. In the case of paying 30 million, we expect earnings about 90 million pounds." Wilde introduction.

Studio Oscar Wilde, presented on the screen is running Fiden program

Only whole Fidens Wilde and another person have all the algorithms. This means that whenever you want to go out to visit potential clients, they have to take a different flight to avoid an accident resulting in the loss of trade secrets. Wilde explained that a complex set of each Team basin full data is not sufficient to ensure the results of bowl surplus.

"We had all League team data, and will consider the 0.5% margin factor was our annual yield can reach 7.5%, higher than the bank, but not enough to attract more investment. So we determined to give the entire team data analysis system. "

"Why do we can explain:?.. If Manchester United in the race this week, then next week they may discharge a completely different lineup this point, we turn to select concern as an individual player database and therefore increase immediately 30% larger, spent a year and a half of our time to improve. This adjustment allows us yield has increased by three points. It is by these three points, with a total annual income of our investors can be increased by 50 ʱ??

Wilde pointed out, the player database exists question is, if you do not know who today's Manchester United played list, then the data would become a dead letter.

(Tweets Content: 27 games tonight at 19:45 kickoff, Fidens gold owners who want to join something busy friends to contact us soon, Email address:. Fidens @ football

"Each team's lineup is so bloated, we had to hire a large number of scouts around the world, each about two leagues. 6 hours before the game, they will be given a list of starters and bench predicted. Our algorithm will score each player, after calculus draw the appropriate odds of the game. Then we will go to observe Asian Handicap odds on bets accordingly. "

Wilde can be divided from the annual profit Fidens, the combination of him and this company is an excellent example of a new era of occupation gambling schema evolution. Not long ago, Wang students may also need to sit at home and spend seven hours a day designing his statistical model, and then hope to have enough of their own trenches of bank deposits to create a career. And now, he simply sitting in the office in Wimbledon Park tube to proceed under the pile of analysts, while the task of drawing investment to other people.

. "There is no doubt that gambling is moving into the enterprise operation," he said, "a lot of people out there are a league of experts to carry out betting when you know I'm in the 29 league range, they will ask: 'Do you understand that segunda winger ? He Leverage strength drops, the game will be the winning hand. '"

"These brick home may be able to generate revenue 7-8 points, but if you do not get a bank account to take a risk, knowledge can not be converted into money. This is particularly evident in football, because the game is always subject about a variety of variables. So, there is always gambling luck, even if you are the dealer holds the advantage, it may also defeated loss lose. "

Outside of work, Wilde would spend their own money to bet two. He does not remember his first gambling experience, can not say he is most proud of a victory. But when it comes to a "most memorable failures "When, his eyes seemed to glow of light.

"In the past three years I have behind Argentina team that won the World Cup in a week to add some money Handicap, a little bit a little bit to accumulate. This is the single biggest football I was under. Argentina is probably the odds of winning 5-1, when they advance to the finals, I had bet out of three million pounds from the security at the end prize, but I did not do it. "

"I continue to maintain the bet size, and then I wait for that opportunity Macy's. My first reaction was the ball into the precession of the inside of the post rather than draw out the door. I can see the ball in the net to be propped up I have celebrated ... but I have no regrets and give me the opportunity to 100 times, 99 times, I will continue to maintain bets. One rule is to go to Bo betting odds those errors. Before the game I always that the odds against Argentina is wrong, that is to say, I think this is a nice bet. "

Do not misunderstand, this is not to say he does not care to lose money.

"To overcome Luther mentality is not easy. I certainly have smashed through the television screen. But you can not lose your bottom line. The reason I think so, because I am an independent gambling hand has become increasingly difficult in this line based on the They can afford to fail one after another? You can not expect such a profession to Ye, now gamblers career is getting short to. "

Professional elite

Alan - Thompson, based on the success in this line "As a gambler, you must always be ready." He said, "Every year I have to try to change, adopt some new ways if rest on its laurels, you are. earn less money. "

Do not think that Thompson struggled how nice. As a professional gambler top three in the country, only in his annual Betfair (Betfair) liquidity on a reached 1600 pounds.

Wilde was a table Baghdad who is also a human flesh Calculator

In its infancy, the fledgling professional gambling ring, Thompson everywhere reveal the "old school" flavor. He is 47 years old, bite Heights chamber can make people feel that this person has been steeped in the gambling industry for many years, and so he did.

Childhood, his father took Thompson to betting on horse races, which made him the first contact to the DB "when other youngster chose to go to Alton Towers.: When (the famous British Annotation large playground) Over the holidays, I will Catterick and Pontefract ( Annotation: both British bookmaker resort) together with my father I go to the casino two road car have learned in school math for three years learned more than the probability percentage, also. There are countless others. "

After graduation, 18-year-old Thompson, first hand at the casino acts as the licensing and subsequently worked as a programmer. Although I veteran, he hired a software developer to manage his "poison algorithm." The Algorithm 24 * 7 to stop operation, estimates the European six league goals each team's expectations. Based on the results, Thompson can draw the corresponding odds of each team.

"Every week, we'll look at the debug template, the latest signing, etc. replacement coach the team changes added to it, and assess the impact is positive or negative. When calculated their odds, we will follow them betting on Betfair, Try to control the market makers to do their own. "

"Our work in particular ... and so let me look at the server ... at the moment I Betfair betting on in 1245 there tonight 6:00 kickoff of Maccabi Tel Aviv and Tripoli under the starfish we the note.

Alan - Thompson

Thompson's business is not the case in the past, he would in a traditional betting shop betting, what we usually see Coral, Ladbrokes (Ladbrokes) and William Hill (William Hill) (Annotation: the traditional British gambling three giant) and so on. But as time goes on, he began to self-promotion. "Now they no longer accept bets 200 pounds." He said, "Before the casino but gold mine, now you have only won 50 pounds are struggling."

Four years ago, Thompson organized a team, in a nationwide betting shops betting.

"Peak period, one to race day we will have around 10 people busy, London, Manchester, Nana has our operating funds about 3 pounds, but the money is not so good management."

"There is a men, from the time I knew him in school, when we was 16 years old. He was sent to Leeds I work, about 3,500 pounds to win. But after that day I have not seen him, After not hear any news. We're 16 years old know ah! In retrospect, I think he was probably encountered some money, and his wife relationship is not very liking. get that money, I guess He must have thought, 'This can help me'. "

Today, Thompson in the northeastern part of all betting shops in England are blacklisted people. "Owner of a betting point here soon we hate me, he frantically despise me. Every time I entered the store as if it were from his pocket remove money directly, he was really wanted to throw me straight. across several counters he would call me. 'Let him roll! He can not come in!'. "

Thompson's threat to cause the biggest star is like a lizard such companies, in his view, with a strong financial support, these companies will quickly bought up the best odds of chips in front of retail shot.

. "Tony - Broome should eat our bones," he said, "of course, is to eliminate those unresponsive I can receive some of their bets sporadic movements, their next plan and implement a planned approach Just rely on these messages, I set up their own little kingdom. "

Gu person

Vasu - Shane is a legend ratings hand he would spend eight hours a day to study various equations, then give each team scoring in his scoring system, with Chelsea, for example, the Blue Lion. ". a ball half on average stronger than the average team. "Vasu must ensure that their scoring system less prone to problems, otherwise his family would suffer implicated.

He had a 13-year-old daughter, two sons were 5 years old and is 6 years old, as well as the upcoming birth of a child. Vasu understand their responsibility not only money, but also to ensure that they always calm. Occupation faced gamblers The biggest challenge is this: they need to continue efforts to maintain emotional stability.

Alan - Thompson

"Even suffered a string of defeats, you have to have confidence in their computing systems." Vasu said, "you have to accept temporary bad luck, to continue efforts to avoid blindly raise. Stop filling only make gambling die even worse off. When a person loses courage, fear not complete the goal, in spite of quite good probability he would blindly increase their bets. "

"I can still remember that time ..."

Our conversation was interrupted because Vasu youngest son suddenly rushed muttering:. "Daddy, I want to pull Baba"

"Daddy busy, you see it ... Go back to Mommy, this is the day, with the Monaco Yacht occupation gambling hand or private aircraft is not half dime. Our life is winning brains , taking into account the good life Northamptonshire suburbs family. "

With that, he laughed.

Vasu Zeng) (() q to work in Australia and Hong Kong% ^^ B ## @ c before, and became the career gamblers at 35 years old. He voted in approximately 100 weekly injection, each note about average 1 million pounds in the course of the season, with his scoring systems become more reliable, he will consciously increase bets when near the end of the season even up to 5 pounds a note. He acknowledged that such a shot would increase the degree of family financial risk.

"When I first joined this line, I had a row bitterness for six months. At that time I thought, 'Why do I do this?' Fortunately, shortly after the crisis is over." He said, "I tried to do not let the results affect their bet, I hope your family will never know what I bet the situation is good or bad. "

Vasu - Shane and his two sons

He continued to explain.

"Now I will never, as in every weekend as in the past three to four minutes went to check the score. Always staring game, waiting for the goal appears, to see if they are consistent with or contrary to my prediction, it all a complete waste of time, because you do not control the game. Now the weekend I'll play with the kids, and sometimes look at the ball, but most of the time do not watch. If I sit down and look at the ball, and I will only support for the children Come one, so life is really a lot better. "

"I still remember the very beginning to do this line, my wife and I sat together watching, and then she asked me, 'What is needed today which side we win?' The end result is I lost the bet, made her quite unhappy So now, I will work and live apart, the children will not know that my father is doing, their own father was not the truck driver was quite disappointed. "

He did not name the driver, he is a digital master. At the end of our interview, he will immediately drill down into a variety of forms, adjusting his scoring system based on the result in the latest week. And after a few weeks when the transfer window closed , and he was again busy for a while. In Vasu opinion, players can indeed have some effect, but we want to be so big each.

"The interesting thing is that the transfer window, all the fans feel it very critical. As long as the club to sign a star, the whole team can turn around. But in fact, rarely have a player to make the team to produce a qualitative change."

Vasu - Shane

Like Mary 5970 pounds move to Manchester United and Liverpool Balotelli defected this level of deal?

"After Dimaliya move to Manchester United, I was due to increase their ratings, but now they are just like Burnley tie, so I score again transferred back. Balotelli is a good player, but he Liverpool's score did not change. He added the team's rotation options, but did not increase the number of goals. Formula plainly told told me all of this. "

Occupational gamblers and fans simply not comparable, they are two completely different creatures. Fans found everything is possible, the odds are crap, every minute of their home team can be an epic victory while gamblers every exhausting all week, so they will never blood and naive.

Ed - Hawkins for the past three years have won the Sports Reporters Association's Prize for the best betting annual theme of writers he describes gambling scandal hemispheric community of book "Bookie Gambler Fixer Spy" were given a Wisden Almanack Book of the Year award at the same time. William Hill get books nominated for Best Sportsman of the Year.

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