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Based on probability analysis of gambling disk type

Sports Betting Odds knowledge portion once said restricting gambling odds probability is an important factor.Asian plate is an extension of European odds, the conversion process on the odds are also closely associated Shengping Fu probability.Thus can be understood as the relationship between probability and odds exchange deposit, the greater the probability of primary wins, out of the Handicap will be the greater, for example, the main winning 52 percent, then the corresponding low water Handicap hemisphere should or half / one high water.Low probability of primary wins, the corresponding Handicap also relatively shallow, for example, winning 39% of the primary, the corresponding Handicap should be flat / half full of water or low water draw.Before designing the reel-type, according to the probability of obtaining a first scaled value, we can be called "disk type conversion value".Specific formula is as follows:

Disk type conversion value = main winning ÷ (tie probability + customer wins probability)

For example: The main draw wins 50% 30% 20% customer wins is calculated as follows

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50% ÷ (30% + 20%) = 1

Well, come to this value 1 odds that should correspond to what? We can probability, draw the following rough calculation formula corresponding Handicap

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