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Blackjack card counting technique Story

France around 1700 Casino There is a call Blackjack Games. In 1931, when the United States announced Nevada Gambling When legitimate activities, blackjack game first appeared publicly in Nevada Casino Club, 15 years, it replaces throw Dice Game, and it has become very popular casino dealer with three Casino gamesʱ??

Blackjack rules of the game

1. To card (hit):

Players need to wager placed on the table then, making the start licensing, cross-licensing the dealer after the first player for the first time license per two to each player is dealt two cards, dealt face up;.. Give yourself issued two cards, one card face up, one card face down .K, Q, J, and 10 cards are counted as 10 o'clock. A card can also be counted counts 1:00 11:00 by Players decide .A 11:00 counted as "soft" brand (eg: A, 6 points and a soft 17), A is counted as 1:00 is "hard" card (eg: A, 6, Q 17 total points is hard ). All remaining cards 2-9 according to its original face value.

2. Compare Size:

If the player's first two cards is to get an A and a 10, you have Black Jack (Blackjack); In this case, if the dealer does not blackjack, players will be able to win 1.5 times the bet (2 lose 3) If the banker is blackjack, the player is not, then the dealer took away the players bet.

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Blackjack players can not continue to get a license, so that the total number of points as close as possible but not more than 21:00, who is closest to 21 o'clock, whoever win, if the same number of points, then flat, and do not lose to win; if more than 21:00, Players will be "explosive", the dealer can be taken away without opening card players bet. Banker size is greater than the blackjack dealer stakes players pay the same amount of bet. Banker licensed total number of points is less than 16, you must be cards, until more than 16 or "bust" (more than nine p.m.), unless the dealer to get a soft 16. If the dealer's total number of points is equal to or greater than 17:00, you have to be suspended.

3. scoreboard (split):

If the players first two cards the same number of points, you can select split into two tricks (split), by the player one person. Bet, played with before. If the third is still the same as the previous two, we can continue to split, the same as the fourth card is not separable, only as the first of the second card. However, if you require two separate cards ace bet, you can extract only one card to each hand. If you separate the two ace cards bet, while a total of 21:00 solitaire, you will not be considered to win to take blackjack, only regarded as 21:00. You may not separate bet to have a separate bet.

4. Double bet: (Double):

Double bet: (Double) if you have to extract the two cards, and then you think a third card lets you win over the dealer's hand, you can ask "double bet" will increase your bet double. times, and you can only be extracted an additional card. If get Black Jack, is not allowed to double the bet.

5. Insurance: (Insurance):

If the dealer to get the winning numbers in the hands of A, dark card if it is 10, J, Q, K would constitute blackjack. Players at this time have the opportunity to buy insurance, the insurance bet is half the player had.

(1) If the player chooses Insurance: When the dealer is blackjack, the dealer had insurance.

Black Jack dealer is not the dealer first take away insurance, then you want to brand, compare programs, same as above.

If a player get blackjack, you can still get all of the remuneration.

(2) If the player does not choose the insurance:

When Black Jack dealer is, taking away the players bet.

Black Jack dealer not still be to brand, compare other procedures, same as above.

Blackjack card counting technique

1962 American professor at the University of California, Dr. Thorpe (Dr. Edward Thorp) published "Beat the Dealer" (Beat the Dealer) a book exposing Blackjack Beat with card counting technique. Players analyzes the information before shuffling blackjack card counting technique used to find betting opportunities in the long term card counting advantage over the dealer who is from 0.5 to 1.5%, short-term advantage is not very significant. To count cards succeed, it must count cards faster, and memorize the policy table.

There is a card counting method is 2,3,4,5,6 +1 point, 10, J, Q, K, A -1 point, 7,8,9 to 0:00. Then each one card are considered in the hearts of addition and subtraction. If the result is positive to count cards, small cards cards had emerged much later there will be increased opportunities for big, then the players favor large players should bet when the player judged to win When the chances on the next big bet, when the opportunity to win a little on small note so that time will win a lot of win, lose, it rarely lose in the long run it will beat the dealer.

Although 10, J, Q, K, A are -1 point, but to remember to separate the number of sheets A has emerged, because there are a lot of cards does not appear A, the probability will increase of 21 points, the player should increase the bets. When the player hand A, the relative would have to get 10 points cards.

By counting cards playing blackjack win the dealer's case:

(1) "MIT Blackjack 'team earned 20 million dollars in 10 years

A man named "MIT (MIT) nine p.m.," the team started its activities out of the 1990s, the central figure is a Chinese-American youth Zhang John, they pay attention to those who are mathematically talented freshmen on campus each year, by private access, which will be able to talk to the students absorbed into the tissue.

They Thorpe blackjack card counting technique has been well studied, and add their own innovation, the biggest innovation is a collective action.Each of them play different roles, some people count cards, they will consistently sit side tables to calculate the probability of the next card, they have voted for each disc lowest note, their task is to accurately determine the location of their own This situation on the tables when unfavorable to the dealer.Some people are big players, their "luck" would be particularly good, always win, and win a lot, because they will appear in the most appropriate person tables based on card counting signal.They are provided by associations gambling money, the money to win Panax or forty-six split, 10 years earned 20 million dollars.

But casinos are not taken lightly, who often can a win more than 1 million people in the casino, the casino will pay attention, they have advanced facial recognition systems and data analysis techniques can determine the two seems irrelevant Are people often appear at the same time in the same casino, so the "MIT Blackjack" by one member of a blacklisted lifelong enter the casino .1997 "MIT Blackjack" internal due Money allocation conflict, eventually split.

(2) Chinese Gamblers Amy shout Las Vegas

Chinese Chen really Gamblers Los Angeles Pasadena (Pasadena) that the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) computer program designer, the lab because of the "Pathfinder" Mars and famous. He has two computer degree : BA, University of California, Berkeley and UCLA computer master computer.

Spare time, Amy often worked more than 20 high-tech industry or ethnic origin of the name of the universities to raise funds manner, pushing represented, the superb card counting techniques, access to major casinos across the United States to show their talents, every great obtained, soon attracted the attention American casino, the "Amy" included "unwelcome guests" blacklist.

He can not be reconciled, the use of an old Burmese passport, successfully entered the Las Vegas Casino Monte Carlo, and one thousand US dollars in exchange for 40,004 chips, card counting technique he used to play blackjack, the first consecutive bet on the table for seven hours rest and then returned to playing roulette, so he win to more than 40,000 US dollars, the casino staff recognized him as a master card counting blacklist, and asked him to stop playing. When Amy ready When the chips in exchange for cash, casino staff and then expose his false passports, there are suspected of misleading tax filings of routine, it was decided to present a total of 80,004 and Lee one thousand US dollars confiscated.

Amy Casino of Monte Carlo approach is very dissatisfied, complained to the Nevada Gaming Commission. The Committee casino gambling back only 40 004 thousand dollars of the award in August 7, 1997.

So he can only take the judicial route, with up to three years to expand the casino action, recently retrieved the final total principal and interest 80 004 one thousand US dollars.

Nevada Supreme Court ruling stated that the success of Amy takes to win large sums of money because he bet on blackjack technique, not his true identity did not show; false passport while making his successful entry into the casino, and one thousand US dollars in exchange for 40,004 chips , but you can not make him win the money. On the other hand, it requires casino gamblers in exchange for $ 10,000 in chips to produce a passport, based on the provisions of the Act, not to decide whether to count cards master gambler, but the whole incident, you can not proof casino because Amy who were using false passports loss, therefore sentenced Amy payment has been issued.

But great talent Amy was eventually blocked the casino.

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