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Blackjack card counting battle

Blackjack Card counting Make Casino In the subject-object relationship translocation is Gambling Let gamblers proud history of great discovery, but we see that the casino has not closed soon.

1962 Edward Thorpe summed up a card counting theory, he believes that in Blackjack Gambling play, gamblers relative to the dealer can be an advantage.Based on this theory, Thorpe wrote a book called "Beat The Dealer", but, in the book and not very detailed introduction Thorpe research in mathematics, most gamblers are known, however I do not know why, card counting usually only be mastered by highly educated people, in which people with engineering background knowledge of the majority.Plus the advent of the Internet in the past, the flow of information is very slow, even with the "Beat The Dealer" kind of book, but only in a small area spread, only English-speaking personnel may be exposed to.Therefore, play blackjack bet after being cracked, did not disappear from the tables, and there has been for over forty years.

Even if it was exposed to count cards, but card counting Thorpe law is not complicated, it seems too common, too common, they often wonder: so simple prosaic things, win the game?

China relatively famous people who count cards Taiwan Gamblers Daizai Lang During the United States to study, 戴子郎 stroll to Las Vegas, to buy a book about Blackjack's. Later, in 1990, Taiwan's stock market crash, the Dai Zilang losses, idle He'll come right out looking through this book, see later sympathetically, to come up with the rest of their savings to get away from the more recent South Korean casino small test, a test really does not leave. beginning Daizi Lang's parents its bet for the industry to also disagree, then see him really can do it, no longer opposed.

South Korea does not allow its own people into the casino, just let foreigners passport gambling, its main source of gamblers Japan and Taiwan, of course, today, we should also include the Chinese mainland gamblers.In order to encourage and attract these places people gamble, the casino set up a lot of incentives.Taiwan bought 20,000 dollars mud code (such chips can not directly change money at the casino, bet on the table only after the code to be replaced over into real money, which is called wash yards) from Taiwan and from the casino provides Seoul tickets, accommodation and resolve during gamblers gambling junket for the organization of brokers also give a certain percentage of commission.Dai Zailang carefully considered, in accordance with standard play, a casino in Korea, although the dealer's "A" gamblers can choose to surrender, the rate of return gamblers -0.5%, but the commission than to wash the high cost of these mud codes.戴子郎 their own money, ask their friends to go to Korea to bet, before going by 戴子郎 tell them how to play.Thus, my friends free travel to South Korea trip, but there are income-generating livelihoods Daizi Lang.Later casino found cooperation and Dai Zailang always lose casino, were cut off and Dai Zailang dealings.Even so, more than three years Daizi Lang also earn commissions earned over 40 million dollars, while Daizi Lang himself through hard card counting casinos earn a lot of money.Casino in South Korea after being blocked, started gambling experience around the globe, to 96 years, he published "around the Earth gambling" This book, according to the book describes, has won more than 180 million US dollars.

Casino dealer dealers license issued for a long time, generally probably know the correct Blackjack gambling law in the casino see much more likely to also move the heart, ran out to make money. Cosmic hotel casino in Moscow there are so few dealers In licensing the time he is practicing card counting, I think about it, came out himself to bet less than a ten-day effort to win nearly $ 20,000.

We already know that the law is in the form of random events law of large numbers work, we have introduced various strategies for gambling is such a random event, therefore, the validity of these strategies may not be apparent in a short time, but over time it will be reflected.Similarly, a strategy that yields less than or greater than 0, the result which leads gamblers lose money or winnings, do not necessarily show up in a short time, but over time, the yield is less than zero will certainly lose money yields will certainly winning more than 0, the opposite result will not appear.This requires the application's firmness, do not have luck impossible results.

We do not know when and blackjack gamblers to play with, because they do not want to press card processing card, sometimes harm us, would have won but lost, and sometimes will help us, but the results would have been the loser win, so the long term effects of such people is that you can not consider the Board's. As for the specific time a day do not understand the blackjack gamblers play together, and when we next big bet, if it people always harmful, they can change tables; and if always help, should continue to play with him down; if the time to help victims, generally can tolerate.

Each bureau nine p.m. bet at the start of the play, some casinos will sell off a few cards. Influence of pin cards on hand can be to know the pin out of the cards in this office we can not see, it is unknown and at this point, and the remaining cards nature is the same, so the pin cards representing an increase of the thickness of the remaining cards.

In general, the casino in order to express their impartiality, Blackjack tables in a long time when nobody bet at least a day or once put cards in order, spread on the table to show the innocence, showing neither more nor less what cards fall what brand, what the hell casino no pound, everything neatly.

In blackjack gambling scene, at least there is the possibility of cheating casinos. For example, with "5" to replace a few big names, it would be disastrous to count cards are concerned. So in order to make their bet with confidence, The best bet on the new brand, which is its own inspection check.

I know to play blackjack basic strategy and card counting to many people, but few expert.To become an expert just know the basic strategy and card counting is not enough, we must make a greater effort.Gamblers Daizai Lang is known as Taiwan, in addition he won a lot of money, but also lies in his deep understanding of gambling.Since the beginning of gambling, his extensive collection of over 400 books on gambling books, read carefully study.If several books say the same conclusion, then the conclusion is generally credible.On this basis, he gave the world a lot of Chinese-language newspaper has written numerous articles about gambling, winning Taiwan's reputation as the God of Gamblers.If he wrote the article based on lack of credibility is not high, how will win people's respect?

Undoubtedly, interests and casino gamblers are completely conflict, as casinos open there, you should not afraid to win money in a long time ago, it is so. Ho Yip Hon and soon took over the business in Macau casinos, gambling casino king Stanley Ho saw revenue rise in a straight line, gamblers can not do without a lost word casino in the results, it is very worried and asked Yip Hon: "These gamblers in the casino always lose, and if they are not betting on how to do, ? Would not you want to close down the casino "Ye Han was angry, funny:" This world every day of the dead, but not how few people in this world. "

In addition to not let outside casino operators another way to deal with the dealer is that the dealer at the time left a cut card most cards do not, just to give one to two pairs of gamblers playing cards because of leftover cards too much, really to count to a great opportunity almost no role card counting becomes small. On the often see very strange phenomenon, some gamblers not brand, but you know blackjack basic strategy, but because understanding Debu deep, sometimes, especially when the next big bet, it will make some assumptions not follow the amended senior strategist, but the casino will cut half see them winning cards to give him. It seems due to the increasing number of card counting, Casino is becoming increasingly fragile.

As for the casino allowed to enter, it depends on where you play. Casino competent authorities to please gamblers leave the casino for any reason without explanation, sometimes encountered, casino card counting who only allowed outside to play blackjack in addition any other gambling games, even only allowed to play Rotary table. Generous casino will be in your next into the casino when you say: "Sorry, we can not let you go." Individual casinos will not let you're playing when you play, in Moscow there are so twelve casinos If you encounter these situations, it means the casino has been blacklisted.

However, this is mainly when you play a lot and often win, casino gamblers generally only pay attention to this. If you play fast, not a long time for each gambling (blackjack is in need of such play) , then, it would be much less of your attention.

In blackjack, depending on the thickness and cut card casino card counting who bet the size of a floating rate of return under the general rule is generally 0.About 6 percent, the biggest can reach 1.2%, good casino gambling regulation could be larger.This casino earnings rate on the wheel 2.7%, revenue in Latin chant on the rate of 5.3% compared to it is trivial.It accounted for 0.6% cheaper quick to count cards were allowed to enter the casino, this reasoning, accounting for a greater play in other gambling casinos really can not find cheaper have a reason for its existence.Of course, we can not do it does not make people open a casino, a casino, this is the power of casino owners, but we also have the right not to play, accounting vain cheap gambling drama we are determined not to play, which is called eye for an eye person in his body.Of course, this is only for those who want to win money in the casino, the fun of the casino were not included, nor were there specific functions in this column.

Matches between casinos and gamblers never stopped in after the emergence of card counting, casino gamblers called card counting damage to gamblers by cutting a few cards, but card counting is often found that there is a time difference, Casino gamblers have to determine is normal winning or winning by card counting, otherwise if the normal casino winnings of gamblers sent packing Qi continued his own financial resources. find a gambler who is the dealer count themselves the dealer must be considered, but in fact the majority of managers are not casino card counting who may them a lot of people do not know even the basic strategy, therefore, count the dealer still has some living space.

The world there are many companies providing equipment for the casino, the interests of drivers prompted the emergence shuffler Initially just shuffling machine instead of manual shuffling, shuffling process to simulate the cross, wash well cards or to out on the cards in the box, the dealer take the licensing process and manual shuffling and there is no difference, but also began to reshuffle at the end of a game, this shuffler improve the efficiency of card counting is not affected.

Then came the loop shuffling machine to change this situation. This loop shuffling machine called Shuffle Star, production in Austria, its shape as a snail, so the industry called "snail machine", each worth more than million dollars, mainly used in the blackjack tables, against occupation punter.

Blackjack card counting to win because there are loopholes in its rules, the role of one of the shuffling machine is snail loopholes.Place this "snail machine" tables after each round is completed, the dealer cards will have been issued by a setting in the top of the machine into the card port into the machine, the surface is recycling waste license, but in fact, according to a snail opportunity Computer random presentation of the waste licensing reinserted into the card shoe.Since the number of cards within the card shoe unchanged, plus re-brand boots interposed between different positions, career punter no longer the way to count cards, estimated remaining cards to their favorable level, making them difficult to win money, had to be transferred elsewhere.Loop shuffling machine is indeed an exciting invention allow casinos, card counting works almost negligible, the casino since you can no longer wary of those who worry about card counting, but also improves the efficiency.

According to statistics, the use of snail machine time savings, equivalent to increasing the number of blackjack hand of twenty percent, can bring more revenue for the casino.

Lisboa Casino also introduced this type from Austria snail "shuffler", specifically to deal with a bunch of ways to win casino money counting cards in blackjack gambling drama career punter, and successfully repulsed them, automatic withdrawal of Macao. Since the effect is significant, part of the casino gambling boat Kong and Southeast Asia, is also considering to follow in order to combat the use of occupational gambling home.

Shuffle by hand, to the ordinary shufflers, then snail loop shuffling machine, from one side of gambling entertainment is actually very weak, the various gambling casino play money tables is more like a unit machines.

Mankind has entered the information society, especially with the emergence of the Internet, the exchange of information unprecedented convenience and fast way to beat the casinos as more and more people are well known for a long time casino bet will win professional gambler prevention also more and more strict, therefore, Dai Zailang when it comes to gambling blackjack card counting said, "as early as possible to make money, make money gambling is no exception."

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