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Advanced deck blackjack card counting method

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Below this method to count cards and betting tips for only deck blackjack game with

1 Set initial count cards totaled 4

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2 10, J, Q, K of giving value of -2

3 All other cards with a value of +1

4 after the start of the licensing issue by value addition and subtraction cards conferred calculate the total value of the cards in order to determine how to bet, when the cards total value is negative, the bet should be small, when the cards total value is positive, To bet big

5 cards to buy insurance only when the total value is positive

6 in accordance with the process of playing blackjack basic strategy card or do not want to brand

1. Start the count at -4 when the deck is shuffled.

2. Count -2 for 10, J, Q, K

3. Count +1 for everything else (including aces)

4. Bet low when the count is negative, high when the count is positive.

5. Take insurance when the count is positive.

6. Play basic strategy at all times during this process.

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