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Blackjack card counting method to quickly and accurately

Blackjack tips is simple, easy to use, and thus become one of the very popular gambling games, blackjack is a highly mathematical games mathematicians had attracted a lot of interest, and there have been a master by operator Casino licensing law sweeping phenomenon, of course, this loophole will soon be blocked by casino, but today we can still improve our odds in blackjack card counting methods through.

In blackjack game at the end of each round, used cards will be thrown into the discard pile dealer in half or three-quarters of a deck of cards when spent, will re-shuffle, understand this step Later, we can use the card counting method to calculate the probability that we might get the victory.

The following is a commonly used method of quickly and accurately count cards:

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1, specify a value of a deck of cards. Some cards: 2-6 = 1,7-9 = 0,10-A = -1.

2, will all add to the mix the cards used to calculate their value. This value is called the "running count", for example, if the card is used this bureau 2,9,10, J, K, their Dynamic count value is -3.

Dynamic count greater, indicating more small point card has entered the discard pile, but this next big chance points will be greatly increased.

After understanding this, we can control their bets, if the dynamic count value is large, we can also will increase the bet, this time we are winning a lot, it can often be a great fishing. And when the count of variable hours We can stop betting, to avoid losses. This is a very simple, but very practical method of card counting, master card counting method, make us more like a duck in a blackjack game, successfully winning.

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