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Those things casino blackjack card counting

Card counting is best not to the same table, because of the small easily cause with Datong Casino Alert. Melbourne Betting Environment so superior, there must be some local card counting off work long and different from us, the customer is more concerned about protecting the local environment. In addition to sharing our invasion of their profits, resulting in pressure on the bottom line of casino profit, which may undermine or shorten their working life.

When I saw them play when large flower arrangement immediately aroused intense rally because my stakes to attract too much attention. After playing them immediately (different people each time) a stern warning. I can understand them anxiety, and therefore decided not to at the same table with them. But they are very impolite resentment. In fact, please say it.

In Australia because it can flower arrangement, I will pay particular attention to the player's skill level tables. In theory, the same table barking player card, it will only hurt himself. He (she) will harm you because of misfuelling card will save you II. opportunities are occurring in half, cancel each other out. But if you insert the wrong people, five percent he (she) committed six errors are easily offset by licensing your hard being calculated 3,4,5 or even 10's.

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This time, playing in Melbourne, I found Mei Li family did not press cards playing cards, and therefore himself playing three. 7 coincides with really good cards, I was under 3200 Australian dollars. Sure enough tail home 14:00 2:00 to take the dealer's face but then thought for a long ʱ??

Although I knew he should not add cards, but hold a "win, I transport, lose my life," the attitude of non-interference in others play cards, especially when I was not inserted his flowers. He eventually not press cards plus a reasonable card! sacrifice themselves to the dealer Blackjack(2 plus 9 plus 10) is hard to make the 22:00. Saved me 6,400 yuan. Next hand, because the real decline in the number, I changed at 1,500 yuan, should add 16 pairs of cards when the results of his village 10 cards plus (positive ), causing the whole table.

Many blackjack players change superstitious like hate more doors and gates, and the Australians because they can flower arrangement, more sensitive.

I play in the crown for a while, because most players have no confidence (99 regardless, AX without, 16 pairs 7 without ......), when there is good cards, and more will open new doors to increase take good cards avoid floral killed. The results soon in the Crown Lounge has become "the open man" and was disgust people. One female passenger when I unknowingly served frowned head, a short while, she turned on the A7 Zhuang 2 plus card, the results of the village of A plus off Zhuangbu Cheng Blackjack!

In fact, the main change in the number of gates or bit Cookin long run no effect on normal player (but the impact of card counting off because of his good hand account), but lose the customer always like to find an excuse not to review their gambling skills is poor. If a player He worked with me at my table was to open the door and harm, and let me say this on the table I can not say the truth: "If you (u) to lay a little, why should I open the door to waste licensing it? ʱ??

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