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Talking about the ideas and experiences of the size of the ball Basketball Betting

In fact, used to be engaged in professional football, football quiz are not familiar with some of my team. Often this time, but I always lose points.

I play basketball rarely play who wins who negative, because basketball is too variable. Handicap Handicap simply do not see the strength of both teams.

But analysts Handicap size of the ball is still relatively easy.

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If two defensive teams meet, they usually score 80+ look. In this way a team together out of 170+ dealer if a small handicap words.

Game like this actually lure players to the big ball. In fact, this game is decisive to the ball.

Then the big ball Handicap particularly high number of Handicap As is particularly evident in the recent rocket, big ball Handicap Total 210 + location, but the Rockets always penetrated.

But the dealer directly out 210 + big handicap when almost not many people dare to big ball.

Basketball bet size ball, small ball with the big ball Handicap Handicap large, you can be assured to basically play out 80 percent.

Then on some 180 + 190 + Handicap would have to look at two teams scoring. Strength can decisively close to the big ball.

Heat 2 successive games recently 170 + 180 + game, play big ball well tonight Heat is 190 + a big handicap.

Look at the two teams score in the form of the game, Johnson gave a mean score. In fact, the size of the ball do the waste, because the dealer is also not allowed to draw. Analyze the two teams.

Both sides are headed star, destined to be scrambling game. This big ball good. Currently the game is not over.

You can look at the results in time. Looking to talk so much you can give us a little help.

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