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How to judge a team can win

In Sports Betting To be profitable, they must have the right bets direction, while the right direction from betting on both teams to judge events. To effectively determine both teams, it must be judged individually from the following methods to the home team, based on winning +1 points. balance of 0 points, lost -1 point

Casual Example: Friendly, China V Japan, China transferee 0.05 Ball

1, the historical record, Chinese -1

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2, the team situation, China -1

3, the squad intact, China 0

4, nearly a week whether two games of fatigue, China 0

5. Handicap is too deep, China -1

6,5 home more media hype, China +1

7, the last 10 games record, China -1

8, points affect the team fate China 0

Through the above analysis, then the cumulative score of -3 points, according to the positive points to buy the home team, the visiting team to buy negative points, 0 points selection principles were abandoned bets direction, although it can not guarantee every game to win, but at least greatly improve the chances of betting profit ʱ??

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