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Four cases selected sports betting double standard disc

In sports betting, the Asian plate and the European plate selection

1, sub-plate better than double election bargain. For example the tie plate, the tie could go plate, and two-way selection standard disk, can ensure a profit. There is that pay very low standard disk first, then if we can exclude the first to lose, we should see risk-benefit ratio of two-way selection and sub-plate. formula and calculate the return rate formula is the same.

2, there is no suitable Asian plate. For example opened the hemisphere plate, standard disk analysis excluded only lose three, then two-way selection standard disk, you can avoid the Asian plate, achieve the purpose of revenue.

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3, 2 serial cross wave 1. Though many people still do not recognize cross-wave theory, it is also in the sidelines, but this is really the objective existence of some games. For example two intersecting waves were all ruled out the first game lost, you can Consider next two 2 string 1, which is a compensation of 2 and 3 pay additional compensation of a 3 and 2, respectively, combined with pay, which increases the "cost." While the mortal one, but still higher than the ultimate beneficiaries under the single farm The two-way selection bargain.

4. The composition string string .3 above, the combination of the odds to reach a certain height, when the principle is similar with the third case.

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