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Take you into the scientific betting the door, but also you a real gaming world (c)

On the relationship between the dealer and the game

For in the end know before making a final score of this problem, I believe that most people have questions, also there is a big controversy and misunderstanding. The answer is yes, but people want to believe nothing. People do not want to believe this because believed to be controlled football game (note the "control" instead of "manipulation") really difficult. Football is round, not in five words to explain this problem, but to cover up the problem, so people will be more willing to dealer be able to know in advance the final score be construed as direct "control" contest.

First, prior to solve this problem, we must first recognize the reality: the key to this problem is to directly explain the banker is that it has such a fabulous game controlled by the manner in which people must be making an internal core team of people Obviously, we are not, so it is unclear how he do it.However, more important is that we did not need to know their figure out how they operate.Banker and Player nature and unequal status determines the difference between the two ways to know results of the competition and channels, and as busy home as long as we know their job is to open up disc makers can see through, really do when you see through will naturally be understood that the issue.(Below speak will be involved)

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Secondly, do not score the dealer can accurately grasp the slightest doubt.You might ask, is the dealer would know in advance 晓某某 players kick the ball in the post and shoot?Does the dealer will be predicted to a certain player forty-five meters outside lob goal?Does the dealer will predict the referee awarded a penalty or free kick team?Similar problems, etc., etc..The answer is no - Makers unclear.But errors here produce.To give an example to illustrate the famous qualifier Beckham free kick against Greece lore, after scoring the game is over, the spike in the true sense.This contains two widely considered "unexpected" situation, first free kick goal, and second, the last time the spike.Goal-kick difficulty we all know, but the point here is that the conflict "goal mode"; the last time the spike is likely to be "fans" is understood as a considerable element of luck, but there are contradictions in that "Goal" The most important "1" goal itself is completely ignored.The first 1 minute and last minute goals scored in number is "1", with buttocks goals and with the "Hand of God" goal in the number is "1", with a penalty goal and with the free kick into the Ball in the number or "1", hit the lintel, woodwork and misses the target closer to the goal, although compared to, but no matter how many times the number of goals is "0" (many people do not is often Wrong and wrong 3,4,5 ...... 1 field field is the same as you, a reason, huh), which illustrates the direction of making the study is not "how," but "the number of" so this pair !!! fans of "accident" in the eyes of the banker it is "reasonable".It is precisely because of the way people tend to care about score, time, or other factors did not return to the nature of the problem that led the people easier and more willing to believe that luck.Of course, the author does not deny the existence of luck, just to remind you if you want to borrow Handicap to analyze the game, we must first recognize data, fully believe that the data, followed by possible spoils in the technical aspects, in fact, this is a kind of intrinsic motivation, borrow or study or you do not believe a clear understanding of what, in the end you are using it, or use it in?

Then from another point of view, we have heard win Win, win lose disk, the deck, half plate like terms, the settlement of these cases as the standard bet is closely related to the interests of the dealer, Odds The operation is also their different, if not so accurate judgment as depending on the source, then perhaps we will not see the kind of terminology, because you have been denied according to the source, how can the above situations?Moreover, the dealer also takes the size of handicap, goal number plate, even half the audience Score disc tray (odd and even number plate and first Goalscorer disc players not included), these types of discs are not blind to open They are intrinsically linked, and the above-mentioned "real see through" that is to do these types of highly integrated disk.

People want to believe on the subjective consciousness and objective factors because they do not have these aspects of quality (ie internal), it will appear stupefied when they were playing Handicap Odds Handicap odds think is not accurate, the dealer Just balance the water level, the dealer can not accurately predict the correct score etc. Similar views.We need to emphasize that, although the bookmakers can accurately predict the final score, and do not match with the match-fixing "marriage", not to analyze the result of wrong or unexpected understood as match-fixing, but do not think the banker is in a ball in a SHU money party, because this is the dealer to accurately predict the score without the slightest necessarily linked, this is only your subjective wishes nothing.The author does not deny the existence of match-fixing, but that subjective judgment is not match-fixing behavior there is no need, no matter what other reason you are still out of self-comforting.


Because of the more extreme aspects of the above concepts, understand easily under normal thinking went into a dead end, so I believe there will be a lot of people I feel most of the points set forth in doubt even bother, a tang to the light path of the door to be able to appear in the in front of you, you have chosen to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear, which the author not to insist, and can understand, after all, skillful betting thinking, these ideas in "The fans' minds it seems quite extreme, and" fans "of the scale must be enormous The ......

Data in this chapter is the first thing you want to believe it's there, and a correct understanding of, and thus on the level of sublimation, as the technical aspects involved too much inconvenience, and therefore inevitably encounter NC person to make such "banker like people like you," "Since you how that is not in the high level of five million." "Those are five million people who did not like you think," and so a similar question, I waste your valuable time for a lot of pressure ...... Read this!

The article content does not appear much in the general lottery in the presence of typical examples of errors, mainly on account of coherence and compactness of the reader's emotions and content of the article above these aspects is the author after some time via group chat and forums found errors are concentrated, serious place, hope such intentions lottery friends can read, comprehend the profound connotation of the text view.

Finally, I hope you can into the science of gambling, betting maturity.

Road repair its long Xi Yuan, Wu Jiang search up and down.

Mutual encouragement !!

Posts have been two or three days, the target of criticism after another, countless tile, which is expected in himself, did not need to explain anything, because would have thought there will get the majority of people just want to come back on two points ʱ??

Paizhuan people who do not come with their own mind is the collapse of doubt encountered reading away, at best, is the browser, and therefore no need to reply any more, not to mention ginseng cock, it is more worth to care about anything. There is a Species may be the reader's own ability to read the presence of large or small problems, such as the center can not find the meaning of words can not tell the difference between similar and so elementary junior high cultural level of the problem, can only say that this article is not for you.

Do not reply, do not explain any questions because you do not want to cause more doubt, and therefore less likely to explain specific issues related to the technical level, not to mention 本篇 outset explain very clearly that this is only set up repair and ideas from theory angle departure, why, from this perspective also shows a very clear and I think most people brick and attacks (just most, Oh, it is necessary to specify what particular) strong sense of belonging to matter who, I'm sorry, you belong to the first Read this category of people who do not fit the category, article outset to remind you of the result ...... I am very sorry, Oh Oh ......

So what is behind the information more voices of doubt, I think the most valuable thing is 本篇. In the end is what people left willing to think of it.

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