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Sports Betting essence: with a banker Answers

Q: Is it Rangban Yi low water, even if the disc play making payments will be reduced, for example 1: 0, so the dealer or toward the opening on the disc.

A: Makers opening is toward the lower plate, making it only the popular big profits ah not upset bookmakers earn less Makers opening are generally relatively shallow because he was not afraid to play on the disc, there is water money can make up the difference... . play earned him the footwall. Every game has water money, water, money, how to use, so use.

Q: So how do you know the dealer match results, how to control the risk of making the water so earn money Jiuhaola, why take such a big risk it.

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A: There are bars theory ah banker bet before the game to forecast the amount of water does not pay any money ah human psychology is sometimes difficult to pondering a media guide, by the fluence on the change, and there are differences between estimates... It will lead the dealer to lose money, so it is important to predict the outcome of the match, so the dealer must first understand the results of the competition, in order to avoid being busy at home or betting group collective attacks generally result dealer will draw two example: Rome unbeaten, AC not lost ...... then look at the results in which the results of two big hope for Handicap water level regulation. Most of Chupan is balanced, does not mean that the game tends to confuse the plate except.

With a certain tendency to confuse the disc because the dealer predictable results with the public betting psychological orientation had differences this time making big profits easily. For example Chinese road to play Singapore in the games.

Trader for every ball on the game situation will be analyzed. Look at the player status, time on the ball field contrast, look at the number of shots, pass the ball often ...... and so many other factors. Therefore, the "no ball match-fixing, the disc tray are false. "Please note! ball no match-fixing, fixing the victims are betting the company. The reason why bookmakers results of the competition so clear, because of its accurate analysis.

Q: No wonder always said to follow the village to go winning it.

A: Yes, ah buy the ball, you're not the enemy and village, we no match for the Zhuang people rely on this meal like buying a house, you can get the better developers so only friends with the village, and then play seamlessly...? Road. bookmakers want you to go, you go negative. bookmakers do not you go, you have to go. In fact, our goal is to read the tape to inquire village's intentions.

Buy the ball, the best way is to look at the game. Look how the game scenes. For example, the last round loss to Empoli Samp .. Do not watch the game will think Pete will rebound next round, while Empoli is luck. And suppose the scene, Pete was pressing play it? it can only say 明桑普 really not a good team, and then determine the direction of mass psychology betting and bookmakers will be a difference, then that is making money good time.

Let me give an example, Cottbus to win, did not watch the game will increase the goodwill of Cottbus, that its strength also. In fact, a second division Energie Cottbus on the last level, and the scene was wave Hong pressing play, good luck to win the ball only results follow a ball, 0: 1 lose this is the scene of the problem must be watching the game, if you want to buy the ball, then you do not know the ball will not buy the ball, otherwise... sure loss.

You see why the World Cup we earn. Is because everyone on the team understood. Moreover understand the point, why Chinese take no less than Singapore? By popularity, by strength, Singapore and China which point than won. But you look at China these games competition, more ugly scenes, poor ability to score more. Singapore draw with China, is not surprising. This is the banker's intentions.

Q: Makers is the real strategist, winning thousands of miles.

A: Yes, ah, people eat that bowl of rice than the people you know, and that people still live in it.?

Q: But Bo ball Makers also afraid professional company Yeah.

A: You and when they saw the so-called fear banker fear is that we blow out a Brazilian lose France, the loss of the entire World Cup full-back had a Czech lose Ghana is making no so-called hard-earned real professional?... . Bo ball company trading market only because people understand that Bo ball:! PLAY money than do free home.

Q: There seems to see the article mentioned some European experts consisting of professional firms big money I still believe there is such an organization, they can accurately inquire into the real intention of the dealer, and then at the last moment before the deadline of betting refill attack. ʱ??

A: really so pay me not to tell you in front of it to earn a shot at making the disc, play the disc, making no loss, even if the loss can also fill with water making money is kept in a substantially profitable level??. You see so many of our gaming group, with which the group is victorious. Gaming companies generally engage in the trading market, against direct and gaming companies, there is no benefit.

任何博 ball who need to get to know one basic concept is valid and what the dealer? Suppose you put C National Sports Lottery Center as a dealer, you will understand, the banker is a sure win .C State Lottery Center does not pay on a similar big banker, is a pure pumping dealer only. And this Makers, only smoke 35 percent each, while the actual return was higher than the bookmakers. Why? This is because the gaming companies pumped higher than C State Lottery Center. In this pumping Under a sure win situation.

The first step, making analysis taking into account the amount of the balance by injection Handicap odds.

The second step, the first step in making the analysis results of the competition to adjust the odds and produce popular Handicap odds, that is: try to make the game play footwall.

The third step, even if the disc may indeed play, he is not afraid to take big deal pumping water to fill.

The fourth step, if you bet on the disc is much higher than the lower plate, then hit a loss on the disc, the dealer how to do? Well big deal equilibrium level. For example rose plate precipitation, and so on. A very simple reason.

Therefore, although the balance of the water level is the foundation, but it is making a final mark. Makers In this situation, theoretically earn big. Plainly, C National Sports Lottery Center is the most primitive of the dealer, only know how to pumping. further learned to balance by injection. further to know how to make unpopular Handicap the footwall. further to know how to pay the premium, that is to say on the disc to use pumping to fill.

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