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Bookmakers trap: Jiepan

Members Caimi Hello everyone:

I believe every friend who enters this column, want to find what they want, but I guess everyone will be disappointed, if you have the opportunity to see me this post, perhaps this number will be a little harvest.

I Football Lottery, Win a little research, I also read a lot of newspapers, Internet Expert referrals and for your comments; I found that most people's studies into the different errors, which are just a touch of fur , did not enter the fundamental core of the problem here, I express my personal opinion;. believers there, do not believe those without.

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1, the ball really ball match-fixing, false disk has really disc tray.

2, betting the company will know (or at least have 70% certainty) every ball the final result.

3, the gaming company will not let anyone find flaws in its odds.

4, any odds, the water level changes, all does not mean it has some real meaning, because it may be the bet amount to the real performance; gaming companies may also be deliberate fraud.

5, any one opened bookmakers odds to win are not necessarily negative or rules can be found, whether standard disc or handicap;. ** Want to look for the law that is talking nonsense losing gamblers believe. You will see much more, but you heard it went bankrupt betting company which proves that football betting since the company's one hundred years has never been able to crack the mystery;? Now, some people say it very Jiepan accurate, you must ensure the package you win, do you believe? If you believe that I can only suspect that your IQ is less than 50.

6, the odds no flaws rules can be found, but the absolute contains a ball all the problems, but after the way the operation of the gaming company half-truths, in which anyone can not see the true face again.

7, gaming companies have lost money time, but most of them are intentional, ultimately winning.

Mysteries that bookmakers always win where? We have no chance to win?

Gaming companies every ball must be aware of the outcome, there will be at least seventy percent certainty, this is certain; because of their credit strength, whether surface (strength, status, history, record, injury, disease, stop, mentality pressure, etc.) or invisible (match-fixing, referee, balance, forces the issue, hatred problem, the problem of personal players, coaches problem, the problem of fans, sponsors, issues, etc.) will be more than we can think of more than one thousand known a hundred times, so this is without doubt, a result, many Bo You want out of the odds from the outcome of the clues to find the right approach is indeed a.Because no matter what the result will be displayed in the odds.The reason is very simple, like a computer inside no matter what kind of configuration, how many steps, how much lower the cost ultimately manifested in its price.After Similarly, the odds that bookmakers measure had a ball all the questions [opened up the price.But a little different is selling computer manufacturers will have the money dry, and buyers will know it by the price of quality; and gaming companies is not the same, and sometimes even a lot of time to do some gaming companies will lose money business, confuse you, mislead you, so you can not rely on price (odds) to distinguish its quality (outcome).Because you never know when he would be loss-making business, when will do profitable business, so its price alone (odds) has been unable to detect its quality (outcome).

So, the odds, the water level. Odds, the water level changes can have its true meaning, can also be a bunch of false figures. (Odds, the water level is the foundation of all the experts, the experts used Jiepan of)

Now the so-called all media expert or experts Jie Pan is an analysis of the trap on the gaming companies, like Buddha in the hands of the Monkey King, you say such analysis bookmakers to win it?Their research credible it?They just hand someone a monkey only.Until now, you should know Recommend Why the press, on the network, whether it is large or small note note are always ruining it.Some media push each issue in a few big bets occasionally get one and a half times on the fanfare, in his words that cast a large net asteroid could hit the Earth a few million times.He was just in the one and a half times the nerve to blow, the nerve thicker than Earth, I could not understand most of the.So I want to alert the world to this article, you believe they even northwest wind did not have to drink!

Then how can you know who wins? That I clearly tell you that no one hundred percent know!

Analysis can be done ten games in seven games already ultra super expert, because not only need to have a real analytical skills also need to add thirty percent luck. After all, football is round, and there are different ideas of 22 personal control, so buy only when an entertainment Lottery, in the happy, is not normal.

How can we do that in many ways the best of it?:

1, can not believe that so-called experts and master misleading, because they themselves may have fallen into the trap of gaming companies.

2, must be greedy, bold hypothesis, A careful.

3, try to know a little more every ball all the credit.

4, the first to buy popular, plus popular.

5, to let go of thinking, any team has the possibility to win or lose.

6, the separation of grade thirteen games, watch those waves will push the team lose money, it should focus on prevention, rather wrong not to lack.

7, thought not swaying, the decision will not change.

8, you must have a betting slip and friends around you or you know the press, there are different places all Available on the web (almost one hundred percent because they are not winning).

9. Analysis odds.

However, the use of Article 9 To pay special attention to is that if you are not very proficient, then do not use, do not look at the odds, do not ignore it, just use other credit to analyze because the skill is not enough if you analyze the odds of it easy to let your obsessions, into a gaming company established maze, unable to extricate themselves.

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