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How to determine the size of the European second-tier team ball

Under normal circumstances the European second-tier team means:

Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish super, super, Denmark, Norway, super, super, Turkey, Greece, super, super Russia

1,Good offensive And usually open in the size of the ball Handicap 2.5 / 3 goals or more are Dutch, Denmark, Norway. In these events the size of the ball Handicap deeper normally are open, mainly because they are an attacking team, So there is one day out of the size of the ball Handicap 2 / 2.5 Bilateral were water, we must give due consideration to the ball.

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2,Good defensive And Handicap usually open in 2-2 / 2.5 has Turkey, Greece, Portugal over the ball between these team events are relative doldrums, so one day unless the strength of the particular case of the poor out of 2.5 ball big ball the case of low water, you have to consider the big ball.

3,Nerve knife, Mainly Sweden and Russia, which both events quite erratic opening size of the ball, and sometimes all open around 2 / 2.5 ball, at another full in about 2.5 / 3 goals, these two events is exceedingly difficult to judge, so bet size ball tournament two countries try to avoid this.

The above data are based on years of experience, though not necessarily Wan try Souls, but for your reference yo still of considerable value.

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