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Gaming companies out of the odds of step

someone said,Gaming company Makes money, which gamblers lose money is betting the company into the pocket. In fact, this view is wrong, bookmakers are not involved in betting, only an intermediary experts and players only. Bookmakers offer odds and Odds for betting, by some means to help the party gain, in order to maximize their own interests. Window of the World Cup as we generally talk about bookmakers odds steps.

1, information collation, probability calculations Process Trader opening program is a calculated probability, so mathematical and Football Two aspects of quality requirements are high. Trader will be the first based on the warring parties against the track record, the recent state of the two teams, goals and conceded two warring etc. The results are most likely to occur, and then considering the team information such as Appearances club management, coaching level, list of appearances, injury, race and other factors to calculate the maximum probability of two warring results appear.

2, out of the odds or handicap.According to the results of Trader first calculated out odds and odds, the purpose is to maintain the standard disc (Win footwall) balanced funds, including standard disc (Win footwall) match the funds balance, and the same round League Betting balanced funds, Aocai from a betting game relatively balanced funds through premium profit, which is the operation of this Aocai.Initial reference disc (standard disc, only Win) is Aocai and other companies such as William is a major feature, the main purpose is to enhance the gaming service, and its initial attitude is more and more attention, and sometimes its Chupan often Really behalf of its intention, as Chupan Chupan or recipients are often not accepted, so its out without interference by external factors.

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3, the odds or the water level adjustment.In fact, results of the competition with the odds (or handicap level) the level of the relationship is not large, mainly based on the player's bet to regulate the situation, if it is a result of the odds (or water) is relatively low, it can only represent buy This side of the people more, many are optimistic about this party Player.Odds (or water) to adjust automatically controlled mostly by the computer, but there are also manual adjustment, the former mainly for some of the betting amount more stable game, while the latter mainly for some popular betting events, such as the Champions League, because This game betting volume is very easy to form one-sided situation, betting funds are very large, so the computer's response will not be so timely, the proportion of betting is very easy to lose the balance, this time on the need to manually adjust the odds (or Handicap water level) can be adjusted to a balanced state funds betting.

4, control risk.Aocai has a risk management mechanism, when a party beyond the risk team by safety line bet, the system will automatically make the appropriate adjustments to the odds (or handicap level) to return to within the equilibrium line, and safety line Positioning chips to be based on different events, event popularity and other factors to determine.In addition, the company will regularly profit and loss account for each league and take appropriate measures against a loss event or play.Such as Inter Milan 5: 2 wins Catania, Barcelona 3: 0 win in Bilbao and other competitions, Aocai not opening, mainly on account of this kind of competition can not avoid risks, such as by large uncertainties game Makers Risk control is not opening a big move.

But the company is not betting can not lose, because it is difficult to do both sides of the bet balance, so when a certain time or a game, is also a great chance to realize losses.

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